Drink Your Way Through The Academy Awards With This 2018 Oscars Drinking Game








Happy Oscars day! Yes, it’s finally here, a week later than usual, but it’s finally here.

If you’ve watched every Oscar-nominated movie or just watching to see the amazing dresses that will grace the stage, it’s a task to get through the entire award show. Last year’s show lasted a whopping three hours and 16 minutes. That’s not even the longest show in Oscars history. The 2002 ceremony was four hours and 20 minutes long, the longest ever.

Even Rihanna knows you need some libations to make it through award shows.

Rihanna drinking drink

Who knows how long this year’s ceremony will last. You know you have to watch all of it because Best Picture is the last category and after last year’s epic and iconic La La Land Moonlight mix up who knows what will happen.

The best way to endure the hours and hours of celebs getting awards is by drinking, everyone’s favorite pastime.

The rules are simple, but when in doubt drink.

drinking drink

When we say take a sip, we mean a swig of your alcoholic drink of choice. Finish your drink means you have to finish your drink in a timely manner. You don’t have to chug, but you can if you really want.

Happy drinking and watching!

Take a sip when…

drinking drink

– The music starts playing during an acceptance speech to usher the person off stage

– The winner thanks God

– The winner pulls out cards with a speech prepared

Take two sips when…

Donald Trump inauguration drinking game

– A winner cries on stage

– The presenter messes up a nominees name

– Instead of laughing at one of Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes you roll your eyes

Finish your drink when…

drinking drink

– A POC wins an award

– Someone mentions a political hot button topic. If they mention Time’s Up, Me Too or calls out sexism, abuse and/or harassment and if they mention gun control.

– Someone wins their first ever Oscar

– Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mess up the Best Picture winner again

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