Khloe Kardashian’s Baby’s Gender Was Just Revealed & Fans React

In true Kardashian form, reality T.V.’s most famous family practically broke the internet last night following the Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 14 finale.

After months of what we can now confirm were subtle hints, coy diversions and avoiding the big reveal on the season finale, fans learned the gender of Khloe’s unborn child.

In the finale, viewers discovered that Khloe, who was away on a girls’ trip with Kim and Kourtney, learned the baby’s gender through her younger sister Kylie who was pregnant at the time with daughter Stormi.

Anxious and excited to learn the results Kylie excitedly told Khloe over the phone that she was having a girl and Khloe appeared to be underwhelmed and shocked. With her sisters by her side, Khloe told her mother over the phone that she was in disbelief and shocked and was actually hoping for a boy.

Kris attempted to cheer up Khloe, and encouraged her daughter to “not be a bitch” about learning the news.

Khloe later tweeted after the finale that she was in fact very excited about her baby girl and that she is excited her daughter will have playmates close in age.

Despite Khloe’s lackluster initial reaction, during the finale, Khloe’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson was more than excited about the baby’s gender who learned of the baby’s gender when he walked into a room decorated with tons of pink balloons.

Last month People reported and confirmed that Khloe would reveal to the world that she was having a boy, which we now clearly have learned wasn’t the case and that she was really just hoping for a boy.

Fans everywhere were excited for the mom and sent her tons of congratulatory messages.

Khloe has been posting her growing baby bump happily all over social media, and we can also now see she may have been dropping a few hints of the baby’s gender as well. Early last month there was tons of speculation that Khloe was having a baby shower for her unborn daughter after it was noted the excessive amount of pink detailing(like baby pink flowers) she’s been sharing with fans via social media. Khloe quickly shut down the rumors of a baby shower but could it be that she was just keeping things on the low until the season finale?

Khloe’s also been very candid on the show of her wanting to keep certain parts of her pregnancy private, as did her younger sister Kylie.

Speaking of Kylie, fans got a glimpse of a pregnant and glowing Kylie who was absent during most of the season concealing her pregnancy from the show’s cameras. With Kim’s struggle to carry her third child, Chicago, Kim, and hubby Kanye West had a surrogate carry their newborn daughter. In the season finale after working hard to conceal the surrogate’s identity(whose face still was never shown), Kim had her come over and meet and bond with her mother and sisters.


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