Spring Cleaning Before Your Spring Fling: 8 Bad Dating Habits To Ditch Before Spring Break

Spring Break is quickly approaching, and as the weather gets nicer, you’re gonna want to focus less on the drama and devote as much time as possible to enjoying your relationship with your boo and creating new, fun and drama-free memories. Being cooped up indoors during the colder months can take its toll on relationships because little things you never noticed or didn’t bother you, suddenly gets under your skin.

After being around someone for extended periods of time, we get used to people, their behaviors, and routines. There may be some characteristics or things you picked up on that you may want to nip in the bud before the spring to avoid a breakup and to build a stronger, harmonious relationship.

If you’re currently baeless but equally single and ready to mingle, there are also some bad dating habits you’ll want to avoid with your fling if things potentially get serious.

Here are 8 dating habits you’ll want to ditch before spring.

1. Being Passive Aggressive

You should be able to openly and effectively communicate with your partner and vice versa. If you find that you or your man tends to be passive aggressive when you get into arguments or when one of you is annoyed with one another, try being more direct. If you pick up on them being passive aggressive, call them out on it, in a nice way so that it doesn’t come across like you’re picking on them. Something like, “I notice that you tend to be a little passive aggressive when it comes to x,y, and z. I want to make sure that you feel comfortable coming to me about anything more directly versus being forced to be passive aggressive and I want you to know that you don’t have to do that.” If you’re the one being passive aggressive try testing the waters a bit first. When or if something is bothering you, speak up about it at that moment versus holding it in to avoid confrontation.

2. Drunk Texting


Drunk texting is never a good idea just based off of the simple fact that when you’re drunk you tend to say things that you would NEVER want anyone to know or wouldn’t say to someone in your sober right mind. Avoid getting into an argument about you stupidly spilling your innermost thoughts to your sweetie after those crazy girls nights out and tell him that you’ll call him in the morning when you’re sober (and less likely to send a text you’ll wind up regretting.)

3.Staying In Relationships For Too Long

Sometimes we will stay in a relationship when we are beyond checked out of it mentally just to appease our partner. We either feel bad about wanting to move on or don’t want to break their heart. The truth is though, by staying in a relationship with someone just to appease them, you’re not only short-changing yourself, but your partner. It may be hard to do and you may feel bad, but do yourself a favor and break things off if you are no longer happy in the relationship. This will avoid you potentially cheating on your partner (and ingesting a heap of bad karma for the future), and it allows you now BOTH to find someone else with mutual feelings.

4. Bringing Up Your Past Flames

Bringing up an ex-boyfriend or lover almost always leads to an argument. As far as your hunny is concerned while he knows that you may have been with other men, bringing up specifics can lead to future arguments, resentment or worse-him bringing up said ex in the future and throwing it in your face. If you need to vent or talk about your exes to anyone-save those convos for your girlfriends.

5.Not Challenging Yourself

There is a big difference between settling in your relationships versus being stagnant. Sometimes we can get in over our head and convince ourselves that we either only deserve to be with a particular type of guy or we date the same kind of people we are used to dating only to wind up unfilled and bored a few months later. We’re not saying that your partner should always challenge or question your every move, but having a partner that’s willing to challenge you every once in a while and who will ride with you through challenges is just as important.

6. Not Saying What You Want Or Need

Unhappy Relationship Dating the Wrong Person Hurt and Help

If you don’t feel comfortable expressing what you want or need in a relationship, then that’s apart of a bigger problem that should be tackled immediately. You and your sweetheart should be able to say what you want or need from one another at any given time.

7.Flirting With Other People

Just Don’t…unless you want to be single.

8.Sticking To One Type

Similarly to not challenging ourselves, sticking to one type can get pretty dull so try stepping outside the dating box every once in a while and date someone other than “your type.”

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