Rihanna May Be Launching A Lingerie Line And Twitter Is So Here For It











Rihanna may be one of the most successful and popular artists in the music game today, but she’s also one of the smartest businesswomen in the entertainment industry. Aside from slaying nearly everything she touches, wears or does, Rihanna’s trendy style, bad ass attitude and confident demeanor make her a cash cow for nearly all of her business ventures.

With the huge success of Fenty Beauty since it’s debut last year, along with Rihanna’s successful collaborations with footwear company Puma, Rihanna may be raking in yet again from yet another potential business opportunity, and fans are totally here for it.


Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that Rihanna and TechStyle Fashion Group are teaming up to create a lingerie line(look out Victoria’s Secret).While neither Rihanna nor TechStyle has yet to comment or confirm the rumor, WWD is standing by their claim and reporting that sources have said that the “bad gal’s” underwear line has been in the works for over a year now and samples have even been produced.

With the buzz that RiRi may be coming out with undies and lingerie, Twitter immediately expressed their excitement and was in full support.

Rihanna’s clearly proving her self to a true boss lady and someone to watch out for in the business world. We all remember when RiRi’s fans lost their minds(and emptied their wallets) when Rihanna launched her Puma x Fenty collaboration which just had a very successful launch in its fourth season.


Fenty beauty continues to shatter sales records and is putting other big name makeup brands and celebrities with makeup lines to shame with every new launch.

So far we’ve noticed that with each launch Rihanna does things in a certain way, that’s proved to work for her. Aside from her trademarked Fenty name we wonder if RiRi will premiere her next business venture as she’s done with her collabs and makeup launches-teasing us bit and giving us just enough before completely snatching our edges with bomb, affordable products.


Either way, we’re sure that if it’s got Rihanna’s name tied to it, it sure won’t disappoint. Would you be here for a Rihanna lingerie line?

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