These Are The Top 5 Reasons He Ghosted You

Getting ghosted can really suck especially when you’re under the impression that everything with the guy you’ve been seeing is going well. While you may ready to introduce your beau to your loved ones or are planning your future date nights, he’s planning on jumping ship and leaving you alone and left wondering what the hell went wrong.

The entire shitty concept behind ghosting is to abruptly leave the person you’ve been dating out of the blue and with no explanation. And while you may not be able to avoid being ghosted, there are a few reasons why guys tend to ghost on girls they are dating.

If you want to narrow down your chances of being ghosted take a look at these 5 common reasons guys ghost women.

1.You’re Too Clingy

No surprise here that this is not only a common reason why guys go ghost but this is also a quick and easy way for guys to lose their interest-fast. It’s normal for you to want to be around your new boyfriend and to want to hold on to him(literally) when you two are out and about but doing that a little too much or too often can definitely put a bad taste in a guy’s mouth. The key to avoid being clingy is to develop a balance between giving your guy space to do his thing but also being attentive and affectionate. Calling excessively, holding onto your sweetie constantly or not letting him out of your sight can be incredibly stifling and a huge turn off and the reason he disappears.

2. He’s Not That Into You(As Much)

Unfortunately, there will be times where you’re dating a guy who you are really into and there is either not that much chemistry, or he is not as into you as you with him. Yes, this totally sucks only for the simple fact of instead of him breaking things off with you in person, he chose to do the dip on you completely.

3. He Thinks You’re Too Needy

It’s great to feel wanted and needed every once in a while, but becoming too dependent or too needy with a guy is not a good look. It makes you look just as much like a baby as Stewie from Family Guy, and that is a HUGE turnoff to men who prefer a more independent, self-sufficient woman.

4.There’s Someone Else

This also sucks but sometimes it turns out that your current bae is actually interested in or seeing someone else and chooses them over you. In these instances, guys go ghost to avoid a possible confrontation that could result in you dumping your drink all over him and storming out.

5.He’s Beating You To The Punch

Beleive it or not, some guys go ghost when they think we aren’t as interested and don’t want to be broken up with first. Instead of them asking us how we feel about them, they go ghost.

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