Interesting Facts About Students’ Life & Useful Habits That Help to Succeed

Only during the students’ years, a person begins to live already quite an adult life, which is not yet filled with the usual problems of ordinary adult everyday life. Student life is a time of open prospects, an opportunity to make the dreams about the beautiful future true, the belief in the fulfillment of all desires and the hope for the openness of all doors. However, students manage their time in various ways: while some students are looking for proposal paper ideas, others are puzzled how to get most out of their study in a college and have as much fun as possible.

This period of time is a great chance to fill the life baggage with knowledge and develop the level of thinking. Certainly, students have habits that differ much. But there are also popular habits that have become the tradition for many students, despite the fact that they are really weird and senseless. Check out the most interesting students’ habits that are known around the world.

Strangest Habits of Students All Over the World

  • In some universities in Japan, students have a habit to take the Kit Kat chocolate with them when taking examinations. If you translate the Japanese word combination kitto katsu, it is very consonant with the name of the chocolate bar, which means “Of course, I will win. That’s why students believe that the chocolate will definitely bring them good luck.
  • At one university in Nantes, there is a special room for sleeping. “Sleepy room” was opened for students having a habit to sleep during the double periods in the classroom. Now everyone can go there and have a rest when he wants.
  • A strange tradition of “primitive screaming” is popular in many European universities. The student can go outside and scream loudly from 5 to 10 minutes. It is believed that such an exercise helps relieve stress during the session.
  • The most popular superstitions associated with the exam: do not wash before the exam, ask to be scolded, put a coin in the boot.
  • It is difficult to believe that there are students who don’t have a habit to cheat. However, there are such and they study at Princeton. Entering the university all students give an oath that they will behave decently. That’s why exams are being held without teachers.
  • 30% of Western students have a habit to play poker games. They think that if they master this game, it will be easier to deceive while taking exams.
  • British students have a habit to wear buttonholes on the jackets when they are taking exams. The color of the buttonhole indicates the year of study. When taking the first exam a student attaches a white carnation, for all subsequent – the pink one. But the students who take the last exam, necessarily attach a red flower. You will not believe, but all the lucky ones who passed the exams well, are being attacked with the garbage. The administration of the university is actively trying to fight this rather negative tradition, including fines and restrictions, but students still continue throwing garbage.
  • From the 30th of April to the 1st of May Oxford students have a habit to walk until morning and drink. Many of them end with jumps from the bridge of Mary Magdalene.
  • Which Habits do Help Top Students to Succeed?

    Successful students who always get A-grades are associated with bookworms who hit textbooks days and nights but this is not true. Someone will surprise when finding out that top students rarely do all homework and study textbooks thoroughly as this takes much time and efforts and not always guarantees the expected result. Most successful students have a habit to learn from practical examples and use Google each time they have a question instead of reading a textbook. They use the Internet to test themselves and find out which errors in the knowledge of the certain subject they have. Top college students don’t have a habit to spend the whole night studying, vice versa, they sleep as much as their organism needs as to perform great it is necessary to have a good rest.

    Ambitious students who want to achieve their goal try to focus on the subject they are interested in most of all. They can filter, which tasks will be of use to them in the future and which are useless and won’t influence the final grade. The best students don’t have a habit to complain about the lack of time and understand that it is up to them whether they gain knowledge or not. Most students who take responsibility for their education often check their progress on their own by imitating the exam at home and trying to give answers without books as practice is the best teacher.