These 10 Breakups That Will Make You Cringe


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No matter how much older we get or whatever stage we are in our lives, getting dumped is something everyone’s, unfortunately, had to endure at some point in their life. As if having to go through the painful experience of getting broken up with isn’t bad enough, recently Jimmy Fallon featured one of his famous hashtag challenges and was flooded with some pretty jaw-dropping responses.

Using the hashtag #HowIGotDumped, Twitter users shared their hilarious, petty, vicious and just downright heartbreaking ways that their former flame gave them their walking papers.

Here are 10 of the best(or in this case worst) tweets where users share how they were given the heave-ho. Word to the wise: we advise you read with caution because some of these are truly cringe-worthy.

1. Plans Averted

Jimmy Fallon revealed his own breakup nightmare when his high school sweetheart broke his heart on Valentine’s Day by not only canceling their plans but their relationship too!

2. Double Dumped

You would think you’d be able to count on your partner after losing your job-but, not in this guy’s case.

3. Sign Language

And to think he has to look at that message for the next couple of weeks. She could have at least wished him well first.

4. Joke’s On You

We doubt that guy has a future in comedy but is a dead ringer for being an asshole.

5. Block Game Strong

If I were him, I’d be more upset that she asked instead of figuring it out for herself.

6. New Year, New Relationship

We all have our goals, but this guy started the New Year off being a jerk.

7. Money Talks

He could have at least given her half considering he broke her heart.

8. Date Disaster

I bet you she learned her lesson the hard way: always walk with money for cab fare-JUST.IN.CASE.

9. Long-Distance Dumped

I hope they got reimbursed for that trip.

10. Text Talk Mix-Up

Some things are better left unsaid…through text.

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