Top 10 Ways To Show Your Parent’s How Much You Love Them While At College

When we first go away to college, the idea of living on your own and finally being out from under your parents can feel liberating and exciting. You’re finally at that age where you are old enough to legally live and be on your own. You’re adulting, you’re grown, you’re independent, and after a few weeks of being all settled in, you finally realize…that you totally miss your parents.

If you grew up being close to your parents, the shock and reality that you are no longer living under their roof could hit you unexpectantly. And sure it’s great not having to answer to anyway on a daily basis, not having to sneak around and do those things you couldn’t do when you were at home, and you’re enjoying being able to go grocery shopping (and pick up tons of pointless new things during your weekly Target run), but then it hits you. You’re in the middle of doing your laundry or trying to make your mom’s famous spaghetti when you realize just how much you miss your parents.

Staying close to your parents after moving away to college is actually a lot easier than you thought. If you’re experiencing some serious parental withdrawals or wondering how you can keep your close bond intact while you’re away, here are 10 ways to stay close to your parents when you are away at school.

1. Watch Your Favorite Shows Together


Just because you aren’t under the same roof doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same past times anymore. Tuning in every week to catch up on The Bachelor or Dancing With The Stars is still totally doable even though you aren’t living with your parents. You and your parents can hop on Skype or FaceTime and talk about the show during the commercial breaks, or you can give one another a call when the show is over and chat about it.

2. Take Some Time To Chat Daily

Yes we all get busy and sometimes time is just not on our side but taking 5 minutes out of your day to let your parents know you are alive, you ate at least one solid meal, and you’re doing just fine won’t kill you. They understand you have things to do and you’re busy.

3. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Taking old pictures, mementos or anything that reminds you of your parents or being home are good things to refer to when you’re feeling a bit homesick.

4. Send Them A Gift, Just Because

Sometimes the little things can mean just as much as something bigger. If you’re out and you spot a funny graphic tee you know your mom or dad will love or if you see the latest gadget you know your dad will love, there’s nothing wrong with splurging and sending it to them as an “I saw this ‘cute little present and thought of you” gift. Trust us, your parents will appreciate the gesture.

5. Surprise Them Every Once In A While

If and when you do have the opportunity to get home and see your parents, do it. They’ll be stunned and seeing the look on their faces will be totally worth it.

6. Listen To Their Advice

Even though you think you are grown now and know everything, your parents may still give you unsolicited advice. Do yourself a favor and listen to what they have to say even during those times you may not want to hear it. You’d be surprised how often their advice will come in handy in the future.

7. Allow Them To Continue To Parent

We know that you want them to see you as an adult now that you’re not living there anymore but after you’ve moved away, your parents need time to adjust to not having you around all the time anymore. They can no longer nag and nit-pick with everything little things and have little contact with you compared to what they are used to. Every once in a while when they do show their “parental horns,” let them. If they want to show you the proper way to fold a fitted sheet or the right way to cook the spaghetti allow them to do it. Again, you’ll appreciate it later.

8. Ask For Their Help

You may think you know it all and are not gonna need to call your parents anymore but guess what? You’re totally wrong. The truth is there will come a time where you’ll need to call your parents and ask them how to cook something, book something for you or the right way to separate your clothes to avoid screwing up your whites. Instead of going through the hassle of Googling your questions, just call and ask your parents, they’ll appreciate you asking and will be open to help you.

9. Let Them Guide You

We may be out of the house and on our own, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t need guidance from our parents. We still have so much to learn, and our parents have something that we greatly lack-age and wisdom. During those moments when your parents are trying to steer you in the right direction, don’t resist and let them steer.

10. Send Them A Funny Meme

Your parents may be your parents, but they are still human and can use a good laugh. Sending them random funny memes every once in a while is a funny, easy of letting them know that you were thinking about them while also making them laugh.

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