He Did What?! Did Big Sean Cheat On Jhene Aiko With Nicole Scherzinger?

Has another celebrity couple bitten the dust?

Late Monday night Instagram and Twitter were up in arms after celebrity gossip blogs The Jasmine Brand and Bossip broke the news that rapper Big Sean and his current beau  R&B soul singer Jhene Aiko have split up.

According to the blogs, an undisclosed source caught Big Sean cuddling up with former Pussycat Doll, singer Nicole Scherzinger at an Oscar Party. According to the reports, no phones were allowed at the exclusive industry event, but the source claims that Sean and Scherzinger looked incredibly cozy together, almost as if they were dating.

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“They both attended an Oscar Awards after-party together and were cozied up together sitting at a table in VIP. They were all over each other, and they looked really comfortable around each other. They looked like they were a couple,” the source was quoted as saying.

While Sean was in the States allegedly getting cozy with Scherzinger, Aiko has been busy on tour for her latest album, Trip as well as promoting her new book of poems, 2Fish.

Supposedly after the news broke of Sean’s infidelity, Aiko unfollowed Sean and deleted recent pictures of the couple off of her Instagram page.

Sean was trending for most of Monday night with fans devastated by the news of  Sean’s infidelity.

Goes to show that no matter how great you treat your man, how pretty and successful you are, guys will still cheat. We just can’t win. It’s sad. #BigSean

— Natalie 🍓 (@la_reina96_) March 13, 2018

I was so disappointed about #BigSean cheating but then i was like oh shoot… he cheated on every one of his boo thangs before Jhene. GIRLS…. start paying attention to people’s habits and actions. It’s the truest depiction of their character… pic.twitter.com/jDqyFkUDIi

— Layla Jada (@laylaminajada) March 13, 2018

so I saw the #BigSean trending…. love is fake goodnite pic.twitter.com/UlZ6fuRWTF

— soph🌊🌙 (@sophiaperryyy) March 13, 2018

With women everywhere declaring that they’ve officially lost all hope in men following the news and supposed breakup, many other fans felt like Aiko was merely getting served a healthy dose of Karma. Before Aiko and Sean hooking up, there were tons of rumors that Aiko was cheating on her now ex-husband Oladipo Omishore, also known as Dot da Genius, with Sean before they officially split up and filed for divorce.  Fans felt that what supposedly happened to Aiko was the just the universe’s way of paying her back for what she did to her ex-husband.

Is it bad that I wanna say Karma is a bitch for #JheneAiko for cheating on her husband with #BigSean pic.twitter.com/GQhU4EOw3a

— Slay Queen 👑 (@itsslayqueen) March 13, 2018

This whole Jhené and Big Sean situation is a prime example of what goes around comes around. #BigSean pic.twitter.com/lbID0tWAsu

— anaïs 💕 (@h0neyspice) March 13, 2018

The couple has been a fan favorite since the pair officially confirmed their relationship in 2016. Having worked together as friends several times before getting together, Aiko and Sean often posted their photo opts together on social media.  Last year, Aiko totally shocked fans when she declared her love to Sean by getting a full-face portrait of the 29-year-old on her arm. Fans joked about the tattoo following rumors of the split and Sean’s infidelity.

So #JheneAiko unfollowed #BigSean on Instagram but still has this everyday. 😂 Kids never get a tattoo of a girl or guy your with… ever. pic.twitter.com/igF9iEpnkA

— 🌍 سهل🙊🇸🇴🇨🇦 (@SahalYusuf3) March 13, 2018


Jhene Aiko sis… what will you do about that tattoo now #BigSean pic.twitter.com/cLa5CiTD2B

— Angelina (@Angelina_Asiama) March 13, 2018

With Twitter and Instagram buzzing about the news, Aiko and Sean took their social media pages to address the rumors early Tuesday morning. According to their tweets, the couple declares that the rumors are false and that they are still very much still together.

As for Scherzinger, she has yet to address the rumors and has been incredibly quiet since the news broke.

Crisis averted!

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