Katy Perry Takes A Tumble, Flashes The Judges & Gets Emotional On American Idol

It’s only been two days since American Idol has returned to our television screens and already the show’s making headlines. The two-day premiere was, of course, full of tons of fresh new talented singers ready to take their shot at superstardom. With the mass amount of talented young singers trying out, there was sure to be a headline or two right?

Well as it turns out, American Idol judge, singer and frog impersonator, Katy Perry is the one who is making the most headlines out of everyone.

When she isn’t sharing her special, unique talent of looking like a frog, the 32-year-old pop star is taking her responsibilities as a judge incredibly serious on the show. Known for being unreserved, outspoken and at times just plain silly, Perry was moved to tears following a contestants audition on Monday night’s show. Giving it his all, car crash survivor David Francisco was the last performance of the night. After telling pieces of his heartbreaking story, Francisco sat down to perform an acoustic rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.”

Francisco moved the entire panel to tears, with Perry visibly overcome with emotion, so much so that she lost her voice.

Katy Perry American Idol

Youtube: @ETOnline

“I’ve lost my voice,” a tearful Perry told the 25-year-old Texan. Following Francisco’s audition, he successfully received a golden ticket to Hollywood, securing his spot for the next round in the competition.

The moment was a heartfelt and sweet way to end the show Monday night, considering that just a few minutes before that Perry took a tumble and exposed herself to her male co-judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. When 22-year-old contestant Michelle Susset came in to audition, Perry decided to get up behind the judges’ table and prance around the stage. As she was dancing, Perry lost her balance, taking a tumble and exposing herself to the judges in the process.


Katy Perry

Youtube: @ETOnline

“Oh, dear god…there are things a man can’t unsee,” Bryan exclaimed. Despite Perry’s fumble, that didn’t affect the young waitress’ chances whatsoever who received her golden ticket to Hollywood.

Perry’s Idol antics didn’t stop there as her male co-judges joked throughout the show that Perry was looking for a date.

“She’s using the show as eHarmony,” joked Bryan. “We gotta get you one of those good ol’ boys Katy, you keep dating them, damn weirdos.”

What’s your take so far of the American Idol reboot? Are you here for it or think it’s lost its luster?

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