Paris Jackson Responds Following Backlash Of Smoking Video Goes Viral

Paris Jackson has never been one to shy away from critics who call her out, and on Monday, the 19-year-old responded to critics who slammed her after a video of her smoking marijuana went viral.

Donning a Gucci t-shirt, a fur winter hat and using a Snapchat filter as camouflage, the 3-second clip shows Jackson with the marijuana in her mouth preparing for her to spark it up with her lighter.

In the Snapchat caption, she jokingly asks her fans if she should smoke the weed without rolling it properly.

Jackson then posted the clip to her Twitter account and posed a question to her followers with the caption, “wyd after smokin this.”

Jackson immediately was flooded with comments and critics shaming her for her behavior.

While some slammed Jackson for her behavior, some fans came to her defense.

The Gringo actress quickly clap backed at her critics where she explained that she knows some parents who rely on marijuana and use it as an organic form of medicine. She then instructed her critics to google it and read up on its medical benefits. In the meantime, she would go back to being unbothered by the negative comments by finishing her granola and watching cartoons.

Following the Twitter attack, Jackson was later seen out and about grabbing something to eat at the popular L.A. restaurant Craig’s. Jackson kept things casual in jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers and a colorful sweater. Jackson who has been known to also smoke cigarettes was snapped puffing on a tobacco cigarette outside of the restaurant.

Daily Mail

Following the social media frenzy and a quick stop at Craig’s Jackson was back to her usual self, posting clips of her daily antics on her social media for the world (and her critics to see.)

What’re your thoughts on Jackson’s video? Do you think she should censor what she posts?


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