Take A Slice Out Of National Pi Day With These Funny Memes

It’s March 14th, and for math lovers everywhere that means one thing-It’s Pi Day! 3/14 is the day we honor our favorite irrational number pi or π. Pi is defined as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It can be expressed as an infinite, nonrepeating decimal (3.14159…) or as the fraction 22/7.

So how did pi happen to get discovered? As it turns out the ancient Babylonians knew of pi’s existence nearly 4,000 years ago! Despite pi’s existence has been around forever celebrating Pi Day is relatively new. It was first established in 1988 by a physicist by the name of Larry Shaw, making today its 30th birthday!

In 2009, Congress passed a non-binding resolution to make March 14 permanently Pi Day, which basically means it’s beyond legit. One of the reasons behind making it a day recognized by Congress was to reinforce math and science education to students and hopefully prepare them better for the future.

It’s super easy to calculate pi if you’re ever stuck in a jam and need to get that circumference in a hurry. All you have to do is measure the circumference, or the distance around the edge of a circular or curved object, and the diameter of several circles, and compute the circumference divided by diameter. If you much rather plug your numbers into a computer, that’s fine too considering computers have been known to compute more accurately.

While there is no official way to celebrate Pi day, you could always celebrate with actual pie and head to the American Pie Council’s website where you’ll find celebration ideas, pie recipes, and even a brief history of pie. But be warned, your pie cravings may increase after being on their site.

Pi Day also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday, which we think means we should cut ourselves an extra large piece of pie to celebrate! While you’re enjoying your pi day take a look at these funny memes and quotes.

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