Enough Is Enough: National School Walkout Must-See Details & Updates

Enough Is Enough


Exactly one month ago today, a gunman killed 17 people in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school, in Parkland, Florida. In total, there has been roughly one school or campus shooting a week. Enough surely is enough, and thousands of students stood up in their classrooms on Wednesday, March 14, and walked out in a nationwide demonstration.

This simple act of unity is to try and end school massacres by demanding stricter gun laws. Students had planned to stand outside and hold a 17-minute silence; a minute for each of the 17 people killed in last months shooting. By 10 AM, thousands of students had covered the area outside the White House, chanting “We want change!” and “Enough is enough!”

Through their act of strength and solidarity, the students are creating a new movement.

The students are armed with some pretty powerful signs:

17 minutes of silence #ParklandStrong pic.twitter.com/3cIXkB7Pce

— José Cabrales (@DrJoseCabrales) March 14, 2018

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Repost from @sarahsophief ・・・ Young people showing up at all intersections today. Again and again, they recognized that they stand on the shoulders of the young giants who came before them. They voiced their understanding that kids of color have always been at the forefront of the anti-violence movement because they are the most impacted. They had clear demands. They talked about today as the beginning of an escalation tactic. They are voting. I cried and am humbled by their vision and leadership. Thank you @womensmarchyouth and @tabithastb! Onward to @marchforourlives! #blacklivesmatter #resist #keepshowingup #stayhuman #enough #nationalschoolwalkout #walkout #marchforourlives #gunreform

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Even though the protest seemed to be the right thing to do, some school districts have disagreed and have even discouraged students to participate. Although the first amendment free speech protections apply on school grounds, students who have chosen to participate may be subject to discipline. The superintendent of the Needville Independent school district outside Houston, Texas, released a letter, warning that any student who took part would be suspended for three days.

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