Snapchat Apologizes After Asking If You’d Rather Slap Rihanna Or Punch Chris Brown

There have been so many recent complaints about the latest update on Snapchat, that even social media queen Kylie Jenner had something to say about it. Many Snapchat users have completely ditched the social media app altogether following the update with users saying they miss the old Snapchat that was much more simpler, user-friendly and kept you up-to-date on your favorite celebs and social media stars.


With Snapchat working hard to appease their users following the unpopular update, the app has come under fire yet again only this time, it’s over a game that posed an incredibly insensitive and inappropriate question.

One of the features of the app includes interactive articles and games users can play while they tap through their friends’ snaps and ads usually playing in between snaps. However, on Monday, an ad promoting a would-you-rather game called “Impossible Choices” ran and asked if you would rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown.

The ad explicitly advocates violence against the two celebrities who went through a very public ordeal involving domestic violence and makes light of and encourages domestic violence.

After the ad leaked, users and public figures like Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter expressing their anger with the social media app for approving such a distasteful ad, considering their impact on users, who are mainly teenagers.

In a statement sent to Mashable on Monday, a Snapchat spokesperson said that the ad had been removed. “The ad was reviewed and approved in error, as it violates our advertising guidelines. We immediately removed it last weekend, once we became aware. We are sorry that this happened.”

According to the apps ad policy, users are prohibited from posting any content “depicting excessive violence, including the harming of animals” also ads that are “shocking, sensational, or disrespectful…demean, degrade, or show hate toward a particular race, gender, culture, country, belief, or toward any member of a protected class” are forbidden.

We’re not quite sure which staffer let this ad slip through the cracks, but we hope it doesn’t happen again.


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