Camila Cabello Turned A Paparazzi Moment Into A Full-On Photoshoot

Camila Cabello is not about to let a little thing like the paparazzi bring her down. While most celebrities are captured at the airport with their heads ducked and hoodies concealing their faces, marching past the planted photographers in wary resignation, the “Havana” singer went another route. She chose to embrace the invasion of privacy instead.

Fans were delighted this week to discover that instead of shying away from the cameras, Cabello posed for them with relish. The former Fifth Harmony member passed through a TSA security checkpoint at the LAX Airport in Los Angeles, dressed in overalls, a cropped black tee, and enormous shades. Once she spotted the paparazzi, she proceeded to flex, pose, and smize with a fervency that would impress Tyra Banks.

It definitely impressed the watching TSA officer, who couldn’t hide his smile at her America’s Next Top Model-level photoshoot.

After her photos went viral, Cabello took to Twitter to address the hysterical photoshoot.

“lmao it’s kinda like when life throws u lemons, make lemonade,” she wrote, “if they’re taking pictures, might as well do a photoshoot.”

No one is arguing with her.

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