This Woman Threw Out The Jewelry Her Ex Gifted Her & Twitter Is Pissed




After a bad breakup, you would think that more people would be supportive and encourage you to move on and leave your past (and all those pesky reminders and mementos) in the past. Well, when one woman made the decision to post a video of her throwing away jewelry given to her from her ex following a bad breakup, the video quickly went viral and sparked a debate soon after with many wanting to know if it’s appropriate to toss gifts like jewelry given by your ex after a breakup or do you hold on to it?


18-year-old Texan, Janiah Sanders just recently went through a bad breakup with her now ex-boyfriend and decided that one of the ways she would cleanse herself of the relationship and move on with her life included purging all of the items and gifts that were given to her by her ex. By doing this, Sanders is not faced with the daily reminders of relationship’s past and can heal and move on with her life healthily. Two of the items Sanders needed to get rid in the midst of the purge included a diamond ring that Sanders wore on her ring finger as “a promise” and a diamond necklace.


“It was a symbol of his love for me and how much I meant to him,” she told BuzzFeed News. However, once their relationship started going south, the promise he made her and the jewelry that came along with it “lost all its meaning and value.”

Being as how the jewelry no longer had any meaning or value to Sanders she decided that the jewelry had to go.

“The reason I threw them out was because I knew that would be my final let go,” she told BuzzFeed. “I knew that once I let go of the ring and necklace, I would know I’m officially done. And so I did. It made me feel relieved. I felt better.”

In an act that appears to be nothing more than therapeutic, Sanders recorded herself tossing the jewelry down a local sewer and posted the final act on her Twitter page.

The video quickly went viral and has to date gotten more than 3.5 million views. After Sanders posted the video, a huge debate was quickly sparked, and many users began voicing their thoughts on Sanders’ video.

Surprisingly enough, some Twitter users didn’t think Sanders should have tossed the jewelry and thought that what she did was petty, useless and all a ploy to gain some popularity.

What did u accomplish ?

— Jxnwayoo💫 (@Daniel_ugoamadi) March 10, 2018

definition of petty

— mady foster (@FosterMady) March 12, 2018

Could’ve just gone to the pawn shop but you wanted to be petty for the tl. You do you girl

— rene fan account (@_cvtnip) March 10, 2018

Money that you threw in the sewer for some retweets, you coulda sold that mf

— Marquis (@TheStickupBoy) March 10, 2018

Others understood where Sanders was coming from, whether it be through personal experience or general life lessons and understood the symbolism behind the act.

im sorry but this is me…. once i’m REALLY done and have been continuously hurt ✌🏽

— MUA N♡Y.🕊 (@amyrikaall) March 10, 2018

You know she’s real life hurt when she literally recorded throwing the rings down the sewerage just so the person who did her dirty could see, instead of going to the pawn shop and getting that money smh what has the world come to

— Lo 🇵🇦 (@laurenssutton) March 10, 2018

“It wasn’t about money or anything,” Sanders later told BuzzFeed News. “It was about me letting go of old news and unwanted memories.”

Sanders told Buzzfeed that despite the hate, she has no regrets about what she did and encourages others who are dealing with heartbreak to do the same.

“If there’s anybody in my same position and contemplating what to do, go for it.”Put yourself first and love yourself first always. And no matter what people say, do what you have to do.”

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