6 Ways To Get Your BFF Who’s Obsessed With Her Bae To Hangout With You

It’s totally understandable when your BFF starts dating someone new and hangs out with their significant other more than usual. It can be difficult trying to balance school, work, a social life, hanging out with your girlfriends and being in a relationship. Sometimes we tend to neglect some things and people more so than we’d like. However, if you’ve noticed that your bestie has the tendency to completely disappear off of the face of the earth the second she starts dating someone and puts her girls on the back burner, it can get frustrating.

If your BFF does the dip on you and your friends the second she get’s a new bae, here are six drama freeways to deal.

1. Be Understanding


To a certain extent, it’s important to be as understanding as possible when your bestie goes MIA for an extended period of time. Try and understand that she’s in the beginning stages of a relationship that’s new and fresh and that it’s normal to want to spend as much time with your S.O. as possible. She’ll come around eventually. If she has the tendency to totally disappear everytime she gets into a new relationship and reappears only when she’s single, that’s something a bit different, and a separate convo addressing the situation may need to take place.

2. Use Food, Fun Or Your Fur Baby


There’s nothing wrong with using a bribe, especially in this case so promising your girl a comped meal or promising her a guaranteed night of fun and debauchery is a great incentive to get her to ditch her boyfriend for a few hours and spend some time with you. If you know that your bestie is just as obsessed with your pet as much as you are, using your fur baby to lure her to your place is worth a try. Letting her know just how much the baby misses her and how sad they’ve been since she’s been couped up with her honey will hopefully pull on your BFF’s emotional heartstrings enough to get her over to your place for a visit.

3. Plan A Future Girls Night With Her

girls night in


With the two of you planning a girls night out, she’s less likely to flake on something she knows you both put time and effort into planning. Plus, because you both took the time to plan your girls night, the activities and plans are something you BOTH can look forward to, and it’s not one-sided.

4. Let Her Know You’re In Dire Need Of Some Girl Talk

Sometimes it’s better to be upfront and honest with your BFF especially if you’re going through some serious -ish. She’s your bestie so she will totally understand if you go to her and let her know that you’re in some serious need of some extended girl chat.

5. Plan A Double Date

double date ideas


By planning a double date, you and your bestie are both able to kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically of course). Time is of the essence, especially with so much going on in our lives, so any opportunity where you can cram a date night and spending some quality time with your bestie at the same time is perfect.

6. Catch Her Right After Class/Work

It may sound a little ambushy, but popping up on your bestie after her class or when she get’s off work and suggesting you two grab a quick lunch is a great way to catch up.



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