5 Key Questions You Need To Ask While On A First Date

Asking your potential new bae about their job on the first date is a quick way to bring the date down quick. Unless you’re someone who loves to talk about their job 24/7 (more power to you), then the last thing you’re gonna want to delve into on a first date is how you spend a majority of your work week and time. A lot of times we ask our dates about their careers and jobs because we are either nervous and don’t know what to talk about or it’s the first question that pops into our head because we don’t know what to talk about.

The reality is that asking your date more creative and interesting questions will lead to more fun conversations and gives you a better shot at landing a second date.  If you’re nervous about what to ask your date on the big night and to avoid those really awkward gaps of silence in between conversations, keep these five questions in mind if you find the convo is falling a bit flat.

1. What Netflix Show Are You Currently Into?

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Asking what current television shows or series they are watching allow for you to find out the type of entertainment he likes to delve into in his free time. It also allows for you to see if you both are into the same types of shows. If you find a show that you both watch and are into it gives you both common ground and conversation opportunities.

2. What’s Your Sign?

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This one is a bit cliche, but it’s still a convo starter no less. If you find that your date isn’t really into astrology as much as you are, abort the astrology and move onto to chatting about something else. If your date is open to hearing about astrology, and it’s a hobby of yours, give your date an interesting (and flattering) fact about their sign that they may not know.

3. What Book Or Podcast Are You Currently Reading/Listening To?

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Again, asking questions about your date’s hobbies or interests when they have free time is a great way to get to know them more and an opportunity to learn something new.

4. Pizza Or A Burger?

Any questions where you’re asking your date about their preferences is a great way to learn about their likes and dislikes, and can even help you out if you’re looking for future date ideas. If you find out that your date isn’t the biggest fan of Mexican cuisine, but burgers are pretty much life, you can look into finding a new burger joint for your next date. It shows that you were listening and that you’re taking the initiative.

5. What’s Your Current Favorite Commercial Or Meme That Makes You Laugh?

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This is a great question to ask to lighten the mood while also finding out what type of humor your date has. Take turns sharing the commercials or memes that make you laugh.


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