Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Sarah Worth Now?

Sarah Jessica  Parker is a well-known actress, designer and producer. Parker is most notably known for portraying Carrie Bradshaw in the smash HBO series Sex & The City and the series two corresponding films. Parker’s career started in 1976 at the tender age of 11 and has been on the upheaval ever since.

Since breaking into the entertainment industry, Parker has since expanded her career into the world of fashion making her a style icon and solidifying her role in the industry as a designer. Parker has managed to maintain a profitable and incredibly successful career while happily enjoying a private and personal life with her husband Matthew Broderick and her three kids.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Estimated Net Worth as of 2018: $90 Million

Let’s take a look at how Sarah’s secured her net worth thus far.

Early Life

Sarah Jessica Parker was born in Nelsonville, Ohio and is the daughter of Barbara Parker and Stephen Parker. She is one of eight siblings including actors Timothy Britten Parker and Pippin Parker. As a young girl, Parker was trained in singing and ballet and was cast in the Broadway revival of The Innocents. Parker and her family moved around a bit during her childhood in hopes to better develop their daughter’s career. By 1977 Parker and her folks settled in New York City and New Jersey where she attended Dwight Morrow High School and the School of American Ballet in New York City. Parker also attended the New York Professional Children’s School, the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati and Hollywood Highschool in Los Angeles.

Parker and four of her siblings appeared in a production of The Sound of Music when Parker was living in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1977 Parker got her big break when she took the role of July in the new Broadway musical Annie. Parker held the role for one year. In 1982 Parker was cast as the co-lead in the CBS series Square Pegs, but the show only lasted for one season. Within the next three years, Parker was cast in three films, Footloose, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Flight of the Navigator.

In 1991 she appeared in the rom-com L.A. Story. The following year she landed a role in the film Honeymoon in Vegas and then in the Halloween cult classic, Hocus Pocus. Parker also starred in the film Striking Distance that same year as well. In 1994 Parker starred in the movie Ed, and one year later she was in the movie Miami Rhapsody. In 1996 Parker was featured in the films Mars Attacks and The First Wives Club which reunited her with her Hocus Pocus co-star Bette Midler. In 1997 Parker appeared in the comedy, ‘Til There was You.

In 1997 also got married to fellow actor Matthey Broderick.

1998 – 2004

Having racked up an impressionable resume by the late 90s, Parker got her biggest break of them all when she was cast as the lead in the HBO comedy series Sex & The City. Having taken a departure from the film, Parker was cast as the New York City sex and dating columnist and socialite Carrie Bradshaw as she and her three friends navigate in the big city in search of great love and sex. The series was a huge smash in the ratings and ultimately thrust Parker into the limelight. Parker’s star status rose immensely as Carrie Bradshaw which was a huge departure from Parker’s shy and reserved nature. Toward’s the show’s end, Parker was able to test the waters and step behind the camera as well and acted as producers for some episodes. Despite the show’s incredible success. After just six seasons and six years, the show ended in 2004.

In 2002, Parker gave birth to her and Broderick’s son, James Wilkie Broderick.

2005 – 2007

With Parker’s status as an A-List actress under her belt, the 52-year-old took a big break from television and instead focused on other projects. Having solidified herself as a fashion icon during her Sex & The City Days as the fashion-obsessed Carrie, Parker too had made a name for herself in the industry and signed a $38 million contract with popular clothing chain Gap. Parker also dappled in the world of fragrance and released her own perfume, Lovely, in 2005 as well. In 2007 Parker finally took the big leap and launched her own fashion line Bitten. Since the launch of her first fragrance did so well, Parker has since released four more fragrances to great reviews.

2008 – 2010

After four years of fans being “Sex-less” Parker and her co-stars reunited for two feature films based on the HBO series. Sex & The City and Sex & The City 2 were both released within two years. Despite not receiving the best reviews, fans made the two films a box office smash regarding sales. In the midst of filming and promoting the films, Parker and her husband welcomed their two twin girls via surrogate in 2009.

2011 – 2013

For the next two years Parker dappled in a variety of television, film and producing projects including making guest appearances on Glee, and starring in the films, I Don’t Know How She Does It, New Year’s Eve and Escape from Planet Earth.

2014 – Present

In 2013 Parker starred in the film  Lovelace as Gloria Steinem, but her scenes were ultimately deleted. In February of 2014, Parker announced that she will be starting the SJP collection, a footwear line exclusively at Nordstrom Department stores. The following year she was named the new spokesmodel for Jordache Jeans.

In 2016  Parker starred in the film All Roads Lead to Rome. Parker also returned to her first series since Sex & The City in the cable series  Divorce. In 2017 Parker starred in and produced the film Best Day of My Life.


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