Winter Storm Toby Has Arrived & ‘The Office’ Fans Are Making Hilarious Memes

Once again the northeast of America is under a storm warning because Winter Storm Toby is wrecking havoc on the northeastern coast.

Winter hasn’t been kind to the northeast coast. Boston, New York City and Philadelphia have been hit by snow repeatedly this season. First, there was the bomb cyclone, with a name like that you can imagine the amount of snow that buried the coast.

Even though it’s technically spring, the snow keeps on coming. I will say, Winter Storm Toby, is a lot less frightening than the bomb cyclone’s name.

But don’t be fooled by the casual name, the snow is falling and it’s falling fast. The fourth nor’eastern storm this last month will be a big one. The storm spans over southern Ohio all the way to the coast. Some place will only receive a couple inches of snow up to a foot a snow.

Schools are shut down and people are working from home. All that free time has led to some great memes about Winter Storm Toby related to The Office.

If you’re a fan of The Office then you know how Winter Storm Toby and the show are connected. But for people who haven’t seen an episode, I’ll break it down for you.

Toby is the head of HR in the office and the regional manager, AKA the boss of the office, Michael Scott doesn’t like Toby. Actually, he hates Toby.

Toby himself is a pretty sad character. He’s a Debbie downer, wet blanket and a pushover all in one. But mostly Toby is there for Michael to irrational hate, so his hate toward Toby is perfect to describe our hate for Winter Storm Toby.

So basically all things named Toby are the worst.

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