10 Brutal Truths About Having A One Night Stand That You Need To Know

Having a one night stand can be a fun and exhilarating experience IF you’re mentally and physically prepared for it. Aside from making sure that you are safe while doing the do, there are quite a few other real AF truths you should know before you get ready to hook up with that cutie you’ve been hanging out with all night.

Take a look at these 10 truths about having a one night stand.

1. Your partner might not be too honest about their sexual past.

One night stands are spur of the moment so just know that you’re taking a risk with contracting an STI or STD. Because you aren’t taking the precautions to get tested and see your partner’s results personally, they could lie to you and keep that part of their sexual history from you. Make sure to always wear protection.

2. They may tell their friends.

Because one night stands aren’t held to the same standard as being with someone when you’re in a relationship, your hookup is considered fair game and your partner could spill all the intimate details to his buddies the next time they hang out.

3. It’s not always gonna be mind-blowing like in the movies.

Save the Fifty Shades fantasies for another time. The reality is that sometimes one-night stands are sloppy, messy and far from romantic.

4. They don’t care about the specifics.

They aren’t looking to wine and dine you or really work at impressing you so just know that and don’t expect any special treatment.

 5. Know the sleeping arrangements before you do the deed.

Will you be sleeping over? Will he be lending you some PJs to wear after or will he be calling you an Uber? Knowing if you’re doing the dip after your hookup is over or if you’ll be spending the night is something you’ll want to know ahead of time to avoid things getting awkward after.

6. They may judge you.

It’s beyond hypocritical, but just because your partner is hooking up with you, that doesn’t mean they won’t judge you for it after. With one night stands and casual hookups, you run the risk of hooking up with a jerk who judges you after.

7. It can get emotional.

Sometimes one night stands can get a bit more emotional than we want, especially if you’re not sober. Emotions can run high and sometimes you can say things that you normally wouldn’t and feel more emotionally attached than you expect. Just be forewarned.

8. It could turn into a friend with benefits situation.

If you and your partner both had fun and are up to it, you could turn your one night into a casual FWB situation. Just be sure that you BOTH are comfortable with that and that you lay out the rules and set some boundaries.

9. They could be in a relationship on the low.

Like withholding their sexual history from you, when you’re down to hook up with your one night stand, they could very well be keeping their current relationships a total secret or lying about being in one altogether.

10. Sometimes the morning after is awkward AF regardless.

No matter how much you mentally prepare yourself, sometimes the morning after is gonna be super awkward no matter. It’s unavoidable.

Taking these truths into consideration the next time you’re down to have a one night stand could save you from some unnecessary drama in the future.

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