7 Things To Look Forward To That Make Adulting After College Awesome AF 

After graduation transitioning into the world of adulting can feel pretty overwhelming, daunting and scary AF. And sure there are some not so fun responsibilities that come with adulthood(bills, health insurance, and more bills) on top of coming to grips with the fact that you’ll be spending a majority of your days working a nine to five, but aside from that- being an adult has some pretty awesome perks.

Once you graduate from college and step into the world of adulting, there are so many things that you can look forward to and experience now as an adult and not as a college student. Take a look at these 7 things that make adulting more awesome after college.

1.You get to go on “adult” dates

After you graduate from college, you’ll get the chance to experience dating while you transition into the next phase of your life. You get to ditch all the local college spots you’re used to going to and can try new things and new places with new people. You get to expand your dating pool and transition into dating a variety of different types of men from all walks of life and not just be stuck with dating frat guys, school jocks or other campus locals.

2.You get to set up your first email address as a professional

Leaving behind the .edu and setting up your first professional email address lets the world know that you are here and you are ready to take over the work world, one email at a time.

3.You get to live completely on your own


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Part of growing into being an adult is experiencing the highs, the lows and the WTFs of life, and that includes securing your first real apartment after you graduate-RA free. Once you graduate and are ready to step into the real world, you get to move out of the dorm and into your own place, that you pay rent in and is 100 percent YOURS. Trust us, you’ll feel amazing not having to pack up all your shit every summer just to bring it back in a few months.

4. You get to develop a self-care routine for those times you need to reboot

Taking some time out for yourself every once in a while will become ESSENTIAL after graduation. Shit can go from 0 to 100 real quick in the midst of trying to balance a career, a social life, dating and everything else in between so crafting a self-care routine that helps you recharge and recenter is essential and will help you during those times where it feels like your life has fallen off track and you’re a hot mess.

5.You get to make adult money

Getting your first big paycheck from your first job post-graduation is a mini-milestone worth celebrating. Transitioning from the chump change you used to make in college working part-time to earning a yearly salary as an adult is a significant accomplishment. Just don’t get too carried away celebrating that you blow all your money and don’t have money for rent.

6. You get to create the exact life you want

Now that you’ve graduated college, by societal standards, you’re fully equipped to go out and create the exact life you want. You’re no longer bogged down by your professors, administrative staff, your parents or RA’s telling you how to live your life. How you want to live your life is SOLELY up to you now-Congrats!

7. You start to see the fruits of your labor and see that hard work pays off

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This one may be hard to see at first, but if you really put in the hard work soon enough, you will get to see the pay off-eventually. The important thing is to not get discouraged if you don’t see the pay off right away. Great things take time.

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