Run Malia Her Money! Harvey Weinstein Still Owes Malia Obama Money From Her Summer Internship

Imagine working your butt off at your summer internship and not getting paid for what you’ve rightfully earned. Well, in Malia Obama’s case, the 19-year-old is currently waiting for troubled film producer Harvey Weinstein and his company to send her summer earnings from when she interned at Weinstein’s company in the summer of 2017.

Before the Weinstein scandal broke, Malia, who was taking a year-long break from attending Harvard University, signed up for an internship position at Weinstein’s production company Weinstein Co. in their New York office. Malia’s tasks were pretty standard for an internship position and included tasks like reading scripts and such. After Malia’s gig with Weinstein and Co., she landed a gig, interning with Lena Dunham on the set of the former hit HBO series Girls in 2015.

Despite Malia having moved on in her college career and professionally though, new reports have surfaced that Weinstein still owes the former first child for work she did while interning with the company.

Back in October of 2017, more than 50 women have come forward with sexual misconduct claims against Weinstein, ranging from harassment to assault to full-on rape, which as a result has resulted in a rapid decline in Weinstein’s production company and all his businesses.

In fact, as of March 19, Weinstein’s company was forced to file for bankruptcy amidst docs detailing the filing of a 349-page list of everyone the company still owes money to. Along with the former first daughter, there were several famous names listed in the document including Jennifer Lawrence, David Bowie, Robert De Niro, Michael Bay, Seth Rogan, Heidi Klum, Daniel Radcliffe, Ryan Coogler, Quentin Tarantino, and Kevin Smith.

The list, however, does not include the exact amount Weinstein owes these celebs in total but there has been speculation that the number ranges anywhere from $500,000,0001 to $1 billion.

When Twitter users found out about Weinstein owing Malia money from her internship, a few of her fans had a very clear message for Weinstein:

A lawyer for the Weinstein Co. said that the bankruptcy filing had nothing to do with the sexual harassment suits and that if the Weinstein company is bought out following the bankruptcy filing, whoever the buyer is could decide to set up a fund for the victims. Unfortunately, the buyer isn’t legally obligated to do so though so whether Malia and the slew of celebs ever see the money that’s owed to them is up for question, unfortunately.

Let’s hope that Malia along with the slew of celebs owed money get what’s rightfully theirs.

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