Students At The University Of Michigan Are Trying To Elect A Corgi As Their Student Government President

What a time to be alive! Students of the University of Michigan are looking to elect their next student government president, and one of the running mates is none other than the school’s campus corgi Reggie.

That’s right, the students want their beloved campus dog to run the school’s student government. According to The Detroit Free Press, some University of Michigan students are trying to elect a corgi as student government president by organizing a Facebook campaign to get voters to write in his name on the ballot.

Over time Reggie Bee as students calls him has become an unofficial communal therapy dog to the students of the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus. Bee’s popularity is no joke actually. Reggie’s Facebook fan page caps off with more than 5,000 friends (the absolute limit), and he’s become an icon on campus over time.

With so much going on these days in the world of politics, students on campus are trying to change the electoral vibe making Reggie’s name on the ballot more about making a statement and less about electing the cute pup into an official government position. In a Facebook post on Reggie’s faux campaign site, Reggie gives his best shot at why he qualified to be on the ballot saying,

“Why is Reggie Bee the most qualified CSG candidate? For months, Reggie has been interacting with students across campus. Students feel comfortable around Reggie, and he always manages to bring smiles to their faces. But most importantly, Reggie isn’t visiting with students to gain their votes, he does it because seeing students happy is what he loves more than anything else. #ReggieBee4CSG”

Since the announcement of Reggie’s run for president, the corgi’s been hard at work working the campaign trail as any other politician would, looking to secure his spot on the ballot.

The dog’s owner Michael P. Sola spoke to the school’s news channel about the corgi’s special relationship with the students saying that “For a brief moment they forget their problems, and they’re happy with Reggie, so that’s therapy. They thank me for bringing him down to the campus, so we call him ‘Campus Corgi.'”


More and more college campuses are experimenting with therapy dogs with studies showing that giving students access to a therapy dog helps increase their mood and decreases their stress levels, which are at an all-time high during finals and test times. And while you shouldn’t expect to see Reggie Bee taking over the campus in any official government position anytime soon, his fans are doing an exceptional job at promoting the benefits of having a service dog on campus for students support.


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