Tiffany Haddish Spills More Beyonce Tea, Says An Actress Bit Queen Bey’s Face

There’s definitely no mistaking that Tiffany Haddish’s celebrity status is on the rise. The 38-year-old comedian has quickly become today’s breakout star after working her ass off for the last 13 years. Haddish has been very candid about her humble beginnings, often including her eclectic and at times heartbreaking upbringing in her comedy routines. Over the last year, Haddish has seen the fruits her hard work and struggle pay off after landing her breakout role in the film Girls Trip. The role solidified her career, and since then she’s been on a non-stop rise to the top and has shown no signs of stopping.

Haddish has been very candid with her followers and fans, taking us along for her journey from being a homeless struggling comedian to the Groupon loving comedian who’s inner circle continues to expand and includes a bevy of our favorite A-List celebs.

With Haddish documenting her expanding celebrity status and getting the opportunity to rub shoulders with Kevin Hart, Oprah and Queen Bey herself, Haddish’s transparency has some fans wondering if she’s doing and saying just a bit too much.

Earlier last month, Haddish made headlines after spilling the tea about a conversation she had with Beyonce when she met her at a party in January. Haddish told the press that she witnessed Bey step in and curve a woman who tried to touch her hubby, Jay-Z. Haddish also told the media that she was about to throw down at the party but Beyonce encouraged her not to before taking a selfie with Haddish.

Since Haddish leaked her encounter to the press Beyonce, who is known for keeping her private life, friendships and convos on lockdown sublimely snubbed Haddish for her loose lips in the song “Top Off”. She said if anyone wants to party with her they’re going to have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Haddish had since become known as someone with a big mouth due to her spilling the tea about some of our favorite celebrities and their private and personal encounters when Haddish was around them.

Well, it seems as though Haddish, despite being labeled as a big mouth hasn’t learned her lesson. In a recent interview with GQ Haddish brings up Queen Bey yet again This time Haddish claims that an actress bit Beyonce’s face at the party where Haddish met the singer and that the actress was on drugs. Haddish, a loyal member of the Beyhive was prepared to throw down in defense of the Queen, but Bey convinced Haddish to take a pic with her and go on about her night.

So now we know the complete story as to why we only got half a glimpse of Bey in Haddish’s selfie, BUT now, fans are saying that Haddish is making a name for herself and not in a good way. Despite pledging her allegiance to the Queen Twitter still came for Haddish.

With the Beyhive sick of Haddish speaking about their Queen others aren’t the least bit mad and are totally here for Haddish spilling as much Beyonce tea as possible.

Do you think Haddish’s reputation as a big mouth will get around and effect her current friendships with celebrities?

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