This New Underwear Has A 30,000 Person Waitlist”

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On Monday eco-friendly retailer Everlane released a new set of lingerie that’s reportedly extremely comfortable. Their line is loved by many because there is usually a massive waitlist on their products and this was no different for this line as the waitlist was reportedly over 28,420.

The brand is a retailer that sells comfortable clothing store that sells merchandise for a really great price for both men and women. Everlane makes sure that their customers wear the most environmentally friendly clothes and that they still look stylish no matter what.

The new collection of Underwear currently includes four different styles to choose from. The thong, The bikini, The hipster, and the high-rise hipster. The collection also features a new bra line with styles such as the wireless bra and a body suit, these are all made with Supima cotton, which has a fiber that helps cotton have strength, softness and color retention. To make things better, the line is all under $30!

The campaign features many models and stars such as Girls actress Jemima Kirke to help spread the mission of comfort. They have also supported plus size models and include them in their campaign to spread awareness that all sizes are welcome. Everlane sent out a letter signed by their female employees, which are  50,000 female employees, to show that their line has “no frills, no bows no bullshit.”

This clothing line guarantees comfort without having to worry about the constant little things that bother us in our underwear such as itchy-ness, wires, and extremely uncomfortable lace. Go shop the new Everlane collection now so you can choose comfort as well as style.

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