Fans Think Kim Kardashian’s New Eyeshadow Palette Is A Total Kylie Cosmetics Rip Off

Fans of Kim Kardashian‘s makeup line, KKW Beauty have been waiting idly by for the line’s latest drop. Mario Dedivanovic, Kim’s longtime makeup artist teased the newest KKW Beauty collab is with him!

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This is my calendar from 2008 that I still have. 10 years ago, on April 5th, 2008 I met @kimkardashian on a cover shoot. I almost didn’t take the job because I had to work at Fox that afternoon where I did makeup for the anchors on the weekends for extra $. At this point I had been a makeup artist for 8 years in NYC, honing my craft, building my portfolio and paying my dues. Retail, weddings, editorial, TV, personal clients, assisting. I began working with some singers and actresses around this time & then I met Kim and began to work with her often. The idea of a reality star at the time was new. After all my years paying dues and assisting some of the big fashion and celeb makeup greats, I was being groomed to begin working with A list stars- actresses & recording artists. I had an agent who demanded that I stop working with Kim immediately. They said I would ruin my career and my career would end within a year or 2. That all of my hard work and struggles until then would be for nothing. Was I going to sit and worry about what the elitist industry would think of me and try to fit into their mold? I refused. I chose to stick with Kim because it felt right in my heart. She was hard working, loyal and sweet. She kept me insanely busy. She appreciated me and my artistry and I had too much respect for her. When I parted ways with my agency, one of the last things they said to me was “good luck, Mario because you will never get a Vogue cover working with her.” Swipe left to see how that turned out. Never let anyone dictate the trajectory of your life and career. The past decade with Kim has been incredible. We’ve grown together, set trends, inspired and impacted an industry along the way. Through all her milestones and achievements and through her rise to global superstardom she has taken me along the way and impacted my life greatly, helping me to achieve unparalleled success of my own as a celebrity makeup artist. I am so excited to finally announce that on April 5, 2018 – exactly 10 years to the day we met, our #KKWxMARIO collaboration with @kkwbeauty will launch! Turn on notifications for the very first reveal tomorrow! #KKWxMARIO

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To be honest it was only a matter of time before these two created some beauty products together. Without Mario who knows what Kim’s makeup would look like? Would contouring even be a huge trend? We will never know.

KKW X Mario drop will consist of an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick and two glosses, which are all first products for Kim’s line. The eyeshadow palette features mostly matte and glittery warm tone nude shades that are very on brand for KKW Beauty. The only color that stands out is the bright blue shade called Libra.

The shade is noticeably so off-brand for Kim that she had to dedicate a whole Instagram post to the eyeshadow color. It’s named Libra because that is both Kim and Mario’s zodiac sign. The color reminds Kim to trust Mario’s vision because she always wants to shy away from color, but clearly, he is very talented and can make anything look good on Kim.

But fans are noticing that the KKW X Mario palette looks almost identical to Kylie Jenner‘s Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette.

The resemblance is uncanny. Kylie’s palette is obviously more peachy as opposed to Kim’s neutral shades. Kim’s palette is only 10 shades while Kylie’s is 12 shades and comes with a brush. But both palettes feature a glittery deep purple and a bright blue color.

The similarity between Kim and Kylie’s palettes didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

Why does Kim & Mario’s palette look JUST like Kylie’s Royal Peach Palette, but smaller? 🧐 @SayBiblePodcast

— Breezii (@itskindabreezii) March 26, 2018

I actually think the #KKWxMARIO palette looks lush but isn't it the exact colour scheme as Kylie's peach palette?… The only difference I can see is the texture of the blue?

— That Lipstick Life (@thatlipsticklif) March 26, 2018

Do you think the eyeshadow palettes look the same?

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