Your Swipes On Tinder Can Win You A Free Cardi B Concert At Your School

It’s no secret that Tinder has been on a bit of a decline lately. With so many new and innovative dating apps on the rise, the swipe right app has been on a slow decline regarding popularity with some declaring Tinder to be on it’s way to the dating app graveyard.

Well in an attempt to save their butts from being banished to “Deleted Apps Land” the OG dating and hookup app is pulling out all the stops to get their users and the younger population back on the app.

With March Madness being an ongoing trend this month and Cardi B being the most sought after and favored celeb right now, Tinder’s come up with a dope contest that can earn you a free Cardi B concert at your school just by swiping right.

The “Swipe Off” competition works just like the NCAA Basketball March Madness tournament does, with teams pairing off until there’s just one champion left.

The game is pretty simple: Swipe right on as many people as possible, beginning March 27 to have your university move on in the competition. By swiping around your campus, Tinder will know which school you’re representing.

Like the college basketball tournament, it’s broken down into rounds. Here’s the complete competition schedule:

Round 1, March 30 – April 2: The highest-swiping 64 schools are eligible to compete in this first round (the schools will be announced via Tinder’s Instagram account).

Round 2, April 2 – April 5: The tournament narrows to 32 schools with a shot at a free Cardi B concert.

Round 3, April 5 – April 9: -Ish is getting real because we are in the semi-finals. Sixteen schools compete.

Finals, April 9 – April 13: The tournament is cut in half to just eight schools.

Championship, April 13 – 18: The final two schools compete against each other. On the last day, the winning university is announced, and the tournament is complete!

According to Tinder of the contest, they say, “Schools with the most right swipes will be blessed with Cardi B’s ferocious flow (and probably another iconic dress).”

Who will be the lucky college or university to take home the win and score a free Cardi B concert? Get your swipin fingers ready folks because the Swipe Off has officially begun. Good Luck!

Download the Tinder app here.

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