This New Spongebob Meme Is Perfect If You’re Tired 24/7

Spongebob is currently having a moment, a meme moment. Everyone’s favorite cartoon growing up is more relatable than ever. The last few viral memes have all been from Spongebob Squarepants.

First, it was Patrick, a photo of him looming over you with an evil smile became a meme. Then it was the Chum Bucket versus the Krusty Krab. People would photoshop something the like over the Krusty Krab sign and something they dislike over the Chum Bucket sign. This meme was pretty controversial because people have trash opinions. That’s just from this year, Spongebob has a whole backlog of hilarious memes.

The newest Spongebob meme is tired Spongebob and it’s perfect. The meme is of Spongebob without his signature square pants. He has a hand on the wall, exhaling deeply with a concerned, but relieved look on his face.

The moment is from season 1 episode 18 of the show. Spongebob gives up his life to live among the jellyfish but then realizes jellyfish life isn’t for him. It’s ironically the same episode that the Patrick meme is from.

The meme is perfect for when you are tired from doing the bare minimum, which practically all the time.

Why are these so relatable? Are we all just this lazy?

The most accurate one though is a meme-ception and it’s perfect.

It’s only a matter of time until we are onto the next Spongebob meme.

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