These 10 Celebrity Siblings Display Their Unbreakable Bond With Matching Tattoos

Blood is thicker than water and when you and your siblings are close AF the bond you share with one another is damn near unbreakable. Sure you may have your fair share of fights and arguments, they may get on your nerves every once and a while and a sibling rivalry may erupt every couple of years, BUT at the end of the day, you know that if it came down to it, you and your siblings would have each other’s back no matter what and that you’ll always be there for one another.

Having a sibling is like having a BFF for life and when you’ve got an unbreakable bond like no other, getting matching tattoos to show the love solidifies your relationship permanently.  These 10 celebrities are in the running to win the title of best sister or brother of the year with their sibling tattoos. Take a look.

Jonah Hill

Actor Jonah Hill is letting it be known that no one is more proud of Beanie Feldstein – the lead in the Broadway musical Hello, Dolly and actress in Lady Bird– than him. The proud big brother took his fandom to the next level by getting the show’s logo tatted on his forearm with a slight tweak to the name: “Hello, Beanie!” Hill’s little sister responded to the photo on IG letting her brother know that she appreciate’s the love saying, “@jonahhill this is NEXT LEVEL. Love you!”

Harry Styles

It’s safe to say that Harry Styles is no stranger to tattoos having amassed more body art on his body than your average boy bander but the tattoo that pulls at teen girls’ heartstrings everywhere is the one he has for his older sister. Styles has the name ‘Gemma’ in Hebrew tatted on his bicep. Word around town is that Gemma also sports some permanent ink in tribute to her brother with the letter ‘H’ spelled out in Morse code on her wrist.

Ariana Grande & Frankie Grande

Despite being 10 years apart, Ariana and her older brother Frankie are BEYOND close. The Grande siblings are both devoted Kabbalists and solidified their relationship and devotion to Kabbalah by getting matching ink. The siblings’ small tattoos can be found on their right ring fingers.

The Posey Brothers

The Posey brothers are thick as thieves, and to honor their close relationship they got coordinating tattoos of each other’s names. If you look at Tyler’s ink one way, you’ll see ‘Derek,’ and if you turn your head, you’ll see ‘Jesse.’ The other Poseys’ tattoos have the same mind-blowing effect. How innovative.

Bella Thorne

Thorne and her sister Dani are no stranger to getting matching tattoos. The two already  have matching celestial designs on their ankles, but the one that hold’s the strongest meaning is this one that says,”If lost, find twin.”

Miley, Trace & Bradi Cyrus

The Cyrus family is totally obsessed with tattoos. Honestly, we don’t think we’d have enough time to count all the ink they have between even if we tried. And while some families choose to have game-night to keep the family morale and close bond going, The Cyrus fam chose a different family tradition— getting matching ink on their hands! Miley and her two siblings, as well as her parents Tish and Billy Ray, all have small hearts tattooed in various locations on their hands.

Sam, Mabel & Lily Smith

Sam Smith’s sisters may not be famous like their brother, but the trio got matching ‘III’ tattoos over the 2014 Christmas holiday in honor of their siblinghood. Adorbs!

Brooklyn Beckham

Big brother Brooklyn Beckham got a minimal design that reads “020511” — each number representing the birth years of all his siblings. Romeo James was born in 2002, Cruz in 2005, and Harper Seven in 2011.

Tia & Tamera Mowry

Being as how they are identical twins the Mowry sisters are pretty much the most connected siblings on the planet, so it only makes sense that the twin actresses each got the word ‘Jumelles,’ which means twins in French, tattooed on their wrists.

Nick & Drew Lachey

The Lachey brothers have the letter ‘L’ inked on them to represent their last name. Both Nick and Drew have the initial encased in a tribal design on their arms. Talk about brotherly love.

What tattoo would you get with your sibling(s)?


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