5 Tough Conversations Every Grown Woman Needs To Have With Her Partner

One of the biggest ways to define a mature adult relationship is when a couple has a healthy balance of trust, honesty and communication. When you’re about to embark on a serious adult relationship, there are certain conversations you have to have with your partner before you take that plunge and begin to settle down with one another. If you want to make sure you and your partner’s relationship is stable and secure certain things, need to be discussed aside from how you both like your coffee and eggs in the morning.

These convos may be tough, but having an open flow of communication during these convos allow for you both to see where each other stands on these topics that may come up down the line. To avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings, it’s good to have these 5 conversations right before you both take the next step in the relationship, or you both are looking to get serious with one another. Because these topics can be tough, it’s also important to discuss these things face to face and when you both have time so you get a clear and concise understanding of where you both are coming from.

Here are 5 conversations every grown-ass woman needs to have with her partner.

1. Money Moves

Depending on how serious you are with your partner, it’s essential to have a conversation about your finances to some degree. While you don’t need to know your partner’s credit score on the first date, understanding your partner’s spending habits, how they view money and budgeting, and knowledge of any serious debt that could be a detriment down the line to you both if the two of you merge your finances, are all important things to discuss.

No one likes to have a convo about money with their partner being as how it’s one of the most unromantic topics to talk about BUT if you are looking to get serious and maintain a mature and adult relationship it’s something that must be done. When you two are both sharing your money moves be sure to be honest and frank and not harp on or make your partner feel bad if their situation is worse than yours.

Unless you’re a millionaire with no student loans, or you’re about to inherit some major money from a family trust, remember that we all have issues when it comes to our finances. The important thing to remember when you’re in a committed, serious, grown-up relationship is when you both are talking about your finances, be honest with your partner about your financial matters and instead of working against one another, work together.

2. Babies Are Us?

new girl baby babies winston


Again, discussing whether you want to have kids or a family is NOT something you should be talking about with your partner on the first date but, if you and your partner both see a future with one another down the line it’s definitely important to discuss any family plans you may (or may not) want in the future. A lot of times couples get in a bit too deep with one another only to find out or realize years later that they weren’t on the same page about having a family. To avoid any potential heartbreak in the future, have that convo sooner rather than later.

3. Deal or No Deal

Having a conversation about your boundaries and dealbreakers is definitely a conversation you’ll want to have to avoid any potential drama or a future argument that could’ve been avoided. We all have our limits and boundaries so letting your partner know what you will and won’t stand for, how much space you do or don’t need and any deal breakers that’ll send you straight to the nearest exit is important to have ASAP.

4. Goal Getters

One of the great things about having a partner and being in a committed relationship is that you get to talk to one another and share your goals with one another. Being able to share your future goals and dreams with one another allows for you both to see what plans you have for yourself and any plans or goals you may have for you and your partner. Sharing your goals allow you both to see how you two will be able to fit (or if you won’t fit) in each other’s lives.

5. Social Issues

Talking about where you two stand on politics, religion and those taboo topics they say to never bring up at a dinner party is important to have with your partner because it helps you both get a better and clear understanding of if you both are compatible. If you both have extreme and differing views on social issues, this could cause tons of arguments, misunderstandings and make things pretty uncomfortable down the line. If you both learn that you two have differing views with certain social issues but want to remain together make an agreement that you both will do your best not to argue over your differing opinions, you won’t spend your time trying to prove one another wrong or get them to agree with your views and that if you do get into a debate you will agree to disagree and won’t let it affect your relationship.





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