Chris Brown Was Photographed Choking A Woman But Denies Anything Happened

Chris Brown is making headlines once again for assaulting women.

Photos obtained by TMZ show Brown with his bands around a woman’s throat. The woman looks distressed and another female looks like she is trying to separate┬áthe two and get Brown off of the other woman.

TMZ claims the photos were taken at 9:00 A.M. Monday in Miami. Brown is down in South Beach partying it up for the Ultra Festival. Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, told TMZ that the woman in the photo is a friend and “it’s obviously playful as she confirmed.”

But Brown is going out on his own to squash the rumors that he choked this woman. On his Instagram he posted a notes app screenshot that reads:

“THANKS for all the publicity today. Y’all know damn well I ain’t going down that road. There is no need to even defend myself on the matter. Everyone that’s around (girl/guy) are my HOMIES. NO FOUL PLAY…NOT IGNORANT SHIT. END of discussion. LOVE”

In the caption of the post, he promos his tour tickets and says that it was Lil Dicky in the photo.

Brown and Lil Dicky (whose name he misspelled in the caption) currently have a song out called “Freaky Friday.” In the music video, the two of them switch bodies, like the classic movie. He’s trying to make a joke that it’s actually Lil Dicky in the photo jokingly choking the woman and not him.

Brown has a history of abusive behavior. His most publicized domestic abuse was with his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. After the 2009 Grammy’s the couple got into an argument which ended with Brown choking and punching Rihanna while in his Lamborghini. Images of her battered face leaked to the public.

Recently a Snapchat game made fun of the domestic violence incident and Rihanna called the app out for allowing the game to be posted.

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