This Is What It’s Like To Get Paid To Watch Netflix & How To Become A Netflix Tagger

We binge shows on Netflix and Netflix wants you to. But did you know that Netflix hires people to watch their shows? Yep. You read that right. They’re called “Netflix Taggers,” and one of them told FastCompany what it’s actually like.

What’s A Netflix Tagger?

A Netflix Tagger is someone who creates tags after watching content. They tag genres, actors, directors and they form the groupings that you see in your queue. This allows users to discover new content and this is also the reason why Netflix’s recommendations are so spot on and specific. But is it really all it’s glammed up to be? Getting paid to watch something you like, yes. Forcing yourself through an entire season of something you hate, no.

The team of Taggers generally specialize in genres. The downside to this is that sometimes you’ll be assigned mind-numbing shows and all of that screen time will take a toll on your body. Not a bad trade-off since most of us already strain our eyes with all of the devices we stare at.

How Do You Become A Netflix Tagger?

Like all dream jobs, this one is not easy to get. One of the taggers tells FastCompany that the position is similar to a librarian because the job requires you to make “sure things are classified accurately, but you also have the broad knowledge base of how TV shows or movies are related, and if they look good together in a row on our site.” She recommends “getting into an archival or library studies program on a campus where there is also a film program.” Also, they’re only 3o people in this team and considering the amount of content Netflix produces and streams that’s not a lot of people.

But good news, Netflix plans on creating 700 original movies and shows this year, so if you want to be a Tagger there’s still hope!

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