This New Study Proves How Long It Takes For Someone To Become Your BFF

Having a ride or die BFF is hard to come by. What’s even harder is figuring out exactly when that person, who at one point was a stranger, became an integral part of your life. Sometimes it happens instantly, but other times it simply just takes time.

A new study from the University of Kansas shows just how much time is needed before someone becomes your BFF. Teen Vogue reports that associate professor Jeffrey Hall at the Communications college conducted the first of its kind study. According to this release statement the study “defined the amount of time necessary to make a friend as well as how long it typically takes to move through the deepening stages of friendship.”

The study found that it takes some time before someone becomes your BFF. For someone to move from an acquaintance to a casual friend you have to spend roughly 50 hours together. A total of 90 hours have to spent together to move from casual friend to just a friend. Finally, for a friend to become your ride or die BFF you have to spend more than 200 hours together.

The study breaks down exactly what it means by spending time together. “This means time spent hanging out, joking around, playing video games and the like,” the release states. “Hours spent working together just don’t count as much, Hall’s study found.” There’s a reason why you have a class friend who you never hang out with outside the classroom.

Hall goes on to say that friendships take time, so you have to be willing to put the effort in. Hanging out, Snapchatting, grabbing drinks are all important to make sure you deepen your bond with a friend.

Hall studied 355 people who just moved in the last six months and the relationships they’ve made since moving. On top of that, he also studied 112 KU freshmen. There’s a reason why he studied people who recently moved and freshmen who recently moved to campus. “When people transition between stages, they’ll double or triple the amount of time they spend with that other person in three weeks’ time,” he said. “I found freshmen who spent one-third of all waking hours in a month with one good friend.”

During those transition periods, people are looking for friends and are more eager to spend time with people.

If you’re wondering how far you and a recent friend have come along don’t worry, Hall has you covered. He and a colleague created an online tool that will gauge where you and your friend stand and how close you two are.

If the tool told you that you’re not as close to a friend than you thought, don’t sweat it! “You can’t make people spend time with you, but you can invite them,” Hall said. “Make it a priority to spend time with potential friends. If you are interested in a friendship, switch up the context. If you work together, go to lunch or out for a drink. These things signal to people that you are interested in being friends with them.”

Get texting and make those friends!



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