Twitter Reminds Us That We Need Someone To Look At Us The Way These Couples Do In These Iconic Rom-Coms


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Rom-Coms are the best and the worst. When we’re in a happy relationship, we fully understand how the couples in the movies feel. When we’re single, we watch anyways despite convincing ourselves that happy endings are overrated while simultaneously setting our expectations ridiculously high. Wishing for a serenade outside our window or a musical number as an apology shouldn’t be too much to ask, right?

Twitter recently set off a trend of hunting down the best “looks” from the iconic Rom-Coms of our time, and we all need someone to look at us this way. It’s not a fashion lewk but a “look.” Call it the look, the smolder or love at first, or fiftieth sight, it’s when the protagonists look at their person and just know. Their childhood best friend is actually their soul mate, the classmate they detested for years became someone they want to know better, and the stranger from the cafe is someone they cannot live without. Either these actors had something going on in real life or their acting is stellar because this type of chemistry is off the charts.

Thanks for setting our expectations even higher.

The number one thing a man in a romcom needs, TV or movie, is the ability to look at their love interest REALLY WELL. The man barely even needs to speak if he just knows how LOOK at a person.

— alanna bennett (@AlannaBennett) March 28, 2018

Some ships were meant to be.

The second Ben looked at Leslie at that Freddy Spaghetti concert I knew it was endgame

— alanna bennett (@AlannaBennett) March 28, 2018

So much spoken with no words. We’ll just try to forget that they’re related.

I’ll stop soon*, but Game of Thrones gave us practically ONLY the look to try to sell audiences on Dany/Jon. They even talked about how much they stare at each other.

*thats a full lie, I’ll never stop

— alanna bennett (@AlannaBennett) March 28, 2018

No one knew love like how it was in the 90s.

We need a moment for You've Got Mail! Tom Hanks! Meg Ryan! 90s Love!

— Mia Jacobs (@miaajacobs) March 28, 2018

James McAvoy has featured the look in more than one movie and at this point, it should be a crime.

The very second I sold my soul to James McAvoy

— Delaney Strunk (@delaknee) March 28, 2018

Mr. Darcy had no lines but we could tell how much he wanted to snog Elizabeth here.

This is crucial to my argument in favor of Matthew Macfadyen's Mr. Darcy.

— 🎄Joy to the Squirrel 🎄 (@Maggie4Beers) March 28, 2018

If your SO doesn’t look at you the way these actors look at their co-stars, you need a new one.

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