Have Some Fun This April Fools’ Day With These 10 Creative Pranks

This year, April Fool’s Day just so happens to be the same day as Easter which means even more opportunities to get creative and play some pranks and jokes on your friends, family or bae. Depending on your plans for the day,  these 10 pranks allow you to have a good laugh and participate in some HARMLESS fun with your loved ones. If you’re looking to have a bit of fun (at your loved one’s expense) and give all your friends a good laugh on your Instastories, get the camera ready and take a look at these 10 creative pranks to try on April Fool’s Day this year.

1. Funky Fun

Sabotage your bae, friend or family member’s shower with this classic prank. All you need is their bar of soap and some clear nail polish. Take the soap and paint it with clear nail polish. After it’s dry, put it back in the shower, and when your prankee of choice goes to get fresh and clean for the day, they’ll have a hard time being as how the nail varnish stops the soap from foaming under water.

If you do try this prank, just be prepared for the funk that’s gonna come along with it.

2. Auto-correct Fail


Everyone knows just how annoying it is when you’re trying to text someone and auto-correct works it’s magic without your permission and corrects you. Well, in this classic prank you can set up someone else’s auto-correct to where they’ll be saying “what the duck” all day long.

The hardest part comes with getting your hands on your prankee’s phone. Once you’ve got a hold of their device, all you have to do is just change the autocorrect settings, making sure to change a word or phrase they use often. The next time they go to text a word or phrase, the new autocorrected word or phrase will pop up, and they’ll be wondering “what the duck” is going on.

3. Riddle My Wi-Fi


If you or your parents are planning to have company over for Easter dinner pull a prank on everyone hoping to get online. Go into the wi-fi network settings and change the network name and password to a riddle. Make it something that everyone has heard before, or an inside joke in your family. When they try to re-connect, they’ll see the riddle and get completely confused.

4. Suspenseful Surprise


Text your friends or family “Are you sitting down” and then just don’t answer … keep them on their toes. And after a few painful minutes or hours later, dependent on how far you want to take it, respond with “April Fools’ Day” because there’s nothing to report here. Nothing, at least, that requires someone to sit down.

5. How Egg-citing!

The great part about Easter and April Fool’s Day falling on the same day this year is that you have even more options and ways to prank your loved ones. One egg themed prank to play is instead of filling plastic Easter eggs with candy, fill them with something else, like fake bugs, or some really gross candy. Or you can turn those yummy chocolate eggs into a healthier snack by tossing the chocolate eggs aside (for you to devour later), saving the foil and replacing them with some homemade chocolate covered grapes.

6. Buggin’ Out

bugs, lisa simpson

If you’re mentally prepared for the bad karma that may ensue after, you could always play a bug prank on your BAE or loved one this April Fools’ Day. Get some fake bugs, like roaches and spiders, and tape them to the inside of all of the lamps in the house. When the prankee goes to switch on a lamp, they’ll see a giant bug through the lampshade, and they’re probably going to scream.

7. Cookie Monster

If you know someone who just can’t resist a bag of Oreo cookies (I mean, they are pretty damn tasty), this is a pretty easy April Fools’ Day prank to play. Take some Oreos, screw off the tops, remove the frosting, replace it with toothpaste, and put the cookie back together. Then plate them up and serve them to the unsuspecting prankee.

8. Remote Rumble

i just love television so much

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to sit down and turn on the TV only to not have the remote work. That’s why this prank is sure to bring the prankee some serious frustration. Simply cut a tiny piece of tape and put it over the sensor on the remote control. Just as they start to get really frustrated trying to figure out what’s wrong with the remote, give them a heads up.

9. Rodent Rundown


This is another one that could lead to some seriously bad karma in the future but if you’re up for it and they don’t skeeve you out, go for it. Get some fake rodents and place them on the bed, in the shower, and the kitchen. Maybe even put one on their pillow if you really want to get a rise out of them. Sit back and get ready for the chaos, and curse words to flow once the prankee catches on to this prank.

10. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?


Nothing says Easter Sunday like a nice family dinner but to really shake things up drop the bomb that you invited more people over for more than just dinner. If you’re living with your parents, let them know that you invited your boyfriend or BFF to come and stay over indefinitely until further notice. If you live with your boo, let them know that you not only invited your family over for dinner but they may even have to move in temporarily due to an emergency. To avoid any arguments that could spoil dinner, let it be known almost immediately after that it’s all a joke.

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