Kylie Jenner Went All Out For Stormi’s First Easter & Two Month Birthday

Kylie Jenner threw what seems to be the most lavish Easter party ever filled with pastel-colored sweets, real live bunnies, an inflatable slide, a 10-foot floral bunny and of course more videos of her newborn baby, Stormi.

🐰 4/1/18

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After witnessing Kylie’s excessive Easter Snapchats it boggled my mind that Kylie managed to keep her entire pregnancy under wraps.

I, someone who isn’t near the caliber of fame that the Kardashian-Jenner’s have, would be busting at the seams with life-changing news. I got an impromptu ear piercing this weekend and within seconds after the needle went through my earlobe I was on the phone with my sister to share the news. I sent out a million Snapchats to show off the new hole in my ear.

Kylie is very much the same way. She’s a millennial after all, if not THE millennial. She profusely documents her life outside of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Most of her posts are to show off her extreme wealth and lavish lifestyle.

Kylie’s Easter 2018🐰 (4/1/18)

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It was Stormi’s first Easter and her two month birthday, which I think was just an excuse for Kylie to be more extra. She snapped the entire party and it looked like a pastel dream. Kylie usually snaps the decor of the party, giving us a glimpse at the extensive details and sweets that probably go untouched. But this time around Kylie actually snapped the party.

Kylie today! Happy Easter! 4/1/18

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Maybe I’m being dramatic because Kylie hasn’t been on social media for so long, but I feel like she never snaps the actual party. But we got videos of her going down the inflatable slide with a friend and her niece Penelope Disick. A video with her BFFs and one with her momager Kris Jenner.

a video from both sides😂 4/1/18

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An even in a rarer moment we got to see Travis Scott, Kylie’s boyfriend and baby daddy with Stormi and Kylie.

Stormi’s first Easter!! 👶🏽 4/1/18

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If that wasn’t enough baby fever content, Kylie posted two videos of Travis holding Stormi.

Dad and Stormi! 4/1/18

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Happy 2 months Stormi! 4/1/18

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Kylie Jenner is the opposite of minimalism. Kylie doesn’t throw parties, launch businesses or has a baby half-assed. She goes all out all the time. Her fingers were probably twitching to Snap her discreet baby shower that took place during her social media lockdown pregnancy. So the real question is, did Kylie Jenner really have a party if she didn’t post about it?

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