Why Are Instagram Highlights Disappearing? Case Closed.

Everyone who knows about Instagram Highlights and how you can save your favorite story.  Like your stories, they were disappearing. Which is odd because users, like myself, like to keep them and review them again. Also, it saves you the trouble to watch your friends’ or favorite celebrity’s Instagram story, if they save them that is.

First and foremost, everyone knows that Instagram is a flawed app. From changing the order of when you see people’s pictures to well, having technical difficulties. Yes, its nice to have the app tell us what’s new, including a gif reaction, but now that the highlights are disappearing and people are confused. However, it’s not affecting everyone (I checked mine because I love mine) and they’re not gone. You’re probably thinking, why are they getting rid of the highlights? Im here to bring you the news and to tell you that, its a bug. A bug that Instagram issued to fixed and to restore everyone’s highlights. We all know how Social media works this day, the minute someone says something and there’s a bandwagon of people tweeting the same problem as well. So in Twitter fashion, a lot of users used a bunch of different gifs from Obama, Steve Harvey to Kayne West reactions which are always a nice touch to these issues since this left uses confused.

Instagram got in touched with Elite Daily and told them that, it was a technical issue and they promised to bring back the highlights for those who had missed them. Like Snapchat, people take their highlights pretty serious and most of them were wondering if they should delete their app permanently just because of the highlights being gone.

Are you ready for the good news?

I’m here to tell you that the bug is fixed and your highlights should be back in a matter of minutes. Now you can relax, go back to your regular scheduling of saving highlights or checking out the people who you follow’s highlights.  Maybe some people didn’t realize there was an issue, I know for sure I didn’t realize there was something happening and my highlights are safe and sound.  For those who are confused on how they work or how you get them? Elite Daily has saved you from a headache and here is a filled out instructions for you to save your Highlights.

Hope that everyone has their saved Highlights back safely.

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