The Best Moments Of Jersey Shore

If you haven’t heard, your favorite people are coming back to Jersey Shore tonight. That’s right, tonight is the night that Jersey Shore reclaims the shore and their spot again on MTV.  The show ran from 2009-2012, ending where the roommates said goodbye to Seaside and went their separate ways. Now where Hollywood is making remakes and bringing back old shows, MTV took the plunge and brought back Jersey Shore after six years, where the gang is all grown up, and some have families.

In honor of Jersey Shore coming back to MTV tonight, here are the best moments on Jersey Shore. In the words of one Redfoo, Let’s Get Ridiculous.

Snooki looking for the beach..while being on the beach.

Snooki is famous for her big hair and attitude, but there are some moments on the show that she’s infamous for and one of them happened to be when she was on the beach and looking for the beach at the same time. Then, later on, she cried about how good of a person she is when she was arrested. I’m sure she’s a good person, but I have a feeling that the police officer could’ve careless.


Mike “The Situation” had a pretty legit severe situation.

You might remember when The Situation was in a neck brace after going through a wall and he took it upon himself to become a meme for saying, “Pretty serious situation.” However, no one has used that as a meme, but it works as an excellent gif reaction while you’re talking to your peers. The show already showed that no one would help him out and take care of him. Hopefully, things are different this time around.

Remember Pauly D’s Five Stage Clinger? We sure do.

In Season one, the gang made a trip to Atlantic City, and things got out of hand, quite quickly. From Jwoww using Mike “The Situation” as a punching bag to Pauly D’s stalker on the same night. I know what you’re thinking, why? I have to tell you, I don’t exactly know. I do know that things were getting a bit tensed when Paul D decided to go on a date while being with her at the same time and she tried to kill his fun-loving vibe. If you remember the rest, then you still have a clue on what went down and how he handled the situation.

The best moments that happened on Jersey Shore.

  • Remember when Pauly D found true friendship with Vinny after Vinny took out a piece of lint out of Pauly’s hair? That earns a spot in our best moments. Always try and find a bromance like Pauly D and do not settle for any less than nothing.
  • T-Shirt Time was created by the boys by saying, “T-shirt time!” Does anyone say that anymore? Maybe we will see that on this season of the show. #BringbackTshirtime2k18
  • Deena tried fitting in a cardboard box and claiming that she’s in a spaceship. Yeah, that happened, it wasn’t a prank, it happened on the show. Mike also said that she was dumber than Snooki, ouch!
  • RAHN, STAHP. Maybe Ron & Sammi would get along this time around and not get into many fights?
  • Remember when the group took a trip to Italy and both Deena & Ron literally fell for the beauty that is Italian architecture? It could’ve been from something else, but why ruin it?
  • There are a lot more moments from the first time the show aired, let’s hope tonight is a start of something new.

    Catch Jersey Shore tonight, April 5, at 8 PM ET/PT.