Kim Kardashian Is Being Accused Of Photoshopping Another Instagram Photo

Kim Kardashian has been accused of photoshopping her Instagram photos recently. A few weeks ago she was being accused of editing a photo because the car in the background was abnormal looking. She had to turn off the comments on the photo and explain on her app that she pulled the photo from a fan account that mirrored the image, so it wasn’t photoshopped.

But now Kim is being called out for another photoshop faux pas and she can’t blame it on being a mirrored image.

She posted a behind the scenes selfie from her Calvin Klein shoot with her sisters. The photo shows Kim in a black underwear set in a bathroom. Fans are claiming the pic is edited because of the door behind Kim.

The line on the right side of the door looks curved ever so slightly making fans believe Kimberly edited her body.

Fans are not pleased that Kim possible photoshopped her body. She also posted the photo on her Twitter, because it’s an ad and she has to make sure to post it on all social media outlets and fans noticed the evident photoshopping.

Kim hasn’t responded to the photoshopping claims or turned off the comments on her Instagram post. She might not be legally allowed to turn off the comments because the photo is an ad and comments up the engagement. Higher engagement rates mean Kim can charge more for Insta ads. But the curve of the door at the bottom is suspicious because it’s hinting that she made her thigh look smaller. Big thighs save lives, Kimmy! So just own it!

It’s also ironic that Kim is being accused of photoshopping herself while wearing the black underwear CK set because in the advertising that’s the underwear set she was wearing when CK was accused of photoshopping her.

In the ad, Kim is sitting pretty in the black underwear but her face doesn’t quite look like her face.

Her eyes look way bigger, chin is more pointed and nose a little slimmer. Compare it with the photo below and you be the judge.

We all know Kim works very hard for her body and is always adamant that everything about her is real, but the proof is in the pudding and the pudding it looking like photoshop.

If this photoshop accusation gets enough heat Kim may speak on it, fingers crossed that’ll happen. Do you think the selfie is edited?

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