Marc Jacobs Proposed To His BF At A Chipotle With A Flash Mob

Love is alive and well and it’s thriving with a side of guacamole and bag of chips. Designer Marc Jacobs has the fashion world at his fingertips and could propose to this longtime boyfriend, Char Defrancesco in a multitude of glamorous ways, but Jacobs decided to keep it local and lowkey.

Jacobs and Defrancesco were at a Chipotle as one does on the weekend when a flash mob broke out. Defrancesco starts recording it, totally unaware that what is going down is all for him.

The dancers are getting down to Prince’s hit song “Kiss” and the Chipotle workers are also showed enjoying the show. It boggles my mind that Defrancesco didn’t realize the flash mob was for him because they’re clearly dancing FOR the couple. They’re facing them and practically cornering them against the front door.

After the flash mob is over Defrancesco hugs once of the dancers and Jacobs is down on one knee with a ring. In the glow of  Chipotle’s fluorescent lights, Jacobs asks Defrancesco to marry him and he says yes!

Even though the proposal isn’t for everyone, Defrancesco loved it! He shared their proposal video with the caption, “GET READY FOR THE ALL TIME GAG!!!!!” Jacobs nows his fiance so well.

Flash mob proposals were all the rage years ago but nowadays everything is getting a revival. Do you think flash mob proposals will be making a comeback now?

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