College Student Roasts His Own Mom As A ‘Cougar’ In An Email Sent To The Entire School

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Beware of the “reply all” button — unless you have an awesome joke.

Caleb Diaz, a student at Southern Oregon University, received an email on Friday night that warned the entire campus that students had been spotted near their campus.

“If you see a cougar, please call 911,” the email advises.

“Friday evening, we got the alert about the cougar and my roommate and I kind of looked at each other and were like, ‘That seems like an older woman, not an animal,'” Diaz told BuzzFeed News.

So what did he do? He sent around a reply to all the students and faculty on the email with a joke at the expense of his mom.

“That’s just my mom,” he wrote.

At first, it seemed like the email didn’t go through. But by morning, Diaz’s reply was taking over Twitter thanks to other students who got a laugh out of the whole thing.

The school told the outlet that messages would usually be blocked, but Diaz’s slipped through the cracks.

“My only response is that a good sense of humor is valued at SOU and we appreciate a funny joke as much as anyone,” Joe Mosley, a spokesperson for Southern Oregon University, told BuzzFeed.

Luckily for Diaz, his mom also has a sense of humor.

Diaz told Buzzfeed, “Her first reaction was, ‘Oh my god, I’m only three months older than your father.”

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