College Student Roasts His Own Mom As A ‘Cougar’ In An Email Sent To The Entire School

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Beware of the “reply all” button — unless you have an awesome joke.

Caleb Diaz, a student at Southern Oregon University, received an email on Friday night that warned the entire campus that students had been spotted near their campus.

“If you see a cougar, please call 911,” the email advises.

“Friday evening, we got the alert about the cougar and my roommate and I kind of looked at each other and were like, ‘That seems like an older woman, not an animal,'” Diaz told BuzzFeed News.

So what did he do? He sent around a reply to all the students and faculty on the email with a joke at the expense of his mom.

“That’s just my mom,” he wrote.

My school sent out a warning about cougar sightings & some kid replied this to the entire school 💀💀

— Lauren Devine (@laureenmarie_) April 8, 2018

At first, it seemed like the email didn’t go through. But by morning, Diaz’s reply was taking over Twitter thanks to other students who got a laugh out of the whole thing.

The school told the outlet that messages would usually be blocked, but Diaz’s slipped through the cracks.

“My only response is that a good sense of humor is valued at SOU and we appreciate a funny joke as much as anyone,” Joe Mosley, a spokesperson for Southern Oregon University, told BuzzFeed.

Luckily for Diaz, his mom also has a sense of humor.

Diaz told Buzzfeed, “Her first reaction was, ‘Oh my god, I’m only three months older than your father.”

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