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Equal Pay Day is here raising awareness on the pay gap between men and women throughout the United States and around the world. At the moment women are earning $0.80 on the dollar of their male co-workers, according to the Institute of Women’s Policy Research and women are protesting, and rallying to spread the news that it’s about time women are paid equally. Especially Latina and African-American women who are actually paid even less than 20% as well. One way women are raising awareness today is by wearing red which has also been used in many same pay movements across the globe and holding red signs, Vogue helped by producing a list of different red ensembles, all of which were straight off the runway and still in the spirit of the movement.

The day itself April 10th was chosen for the event each year because it represents something, not by coincidence. Organizers from the National Committee on Pay Equity chose a Tuesday in April for Equal Pay Day each year “to represent how far into the next work week women must work to earn what men earned the previous week.” According to their website which also shows that women have to work twice as hard to make just what a man makes in one year.

Celebrities such as Catt Sadler from ENews spoke out about the pay difference between her and her co-anchor Jason Kennedy, who have both been working on the channel for the same amount of years causing Sadler to eventually quit her job on the popular network. After this occurred, many celebrities decided to also speak up about their pay gap with their male co-stars. Actresses such as Ellen Pompeo who is the star of Grey’s Anatomy whose earnings were less than her co-star Patrick Dempsey even though the show is based on her character. This also was seen within the show Shameless as Emmy Rossum who plays lead actress Fiona Galagher went through a long process of trying to get equal pay as her co-worker William H. Macy who plays her father on the 8-season show.

Companies such as Adidas and Lyft include themselves throughout the day to help spread awareness. Adidas stores across the country will have #20PercentCounts on their shopping bags and receipts. Lyft will be having the cars in the app have unequal signs and will be asking their customers how will it feel if their trip ended early, with 20% of the trip still left to go.

Not all states have the same pay gap; some actually pay women less than others. In Florida, the average woman earns $5,474 less than the average man, whereas in California the average Latina Woman is paid $41,251 less than a man. According to the U.S Census Bureau, if Latina Women were paid equally as men, they could afford four more years of childcare, two and a half years of rent, or 4.3 years at a four-year public university. Even though this is a huge difference in California within pay, the state is still considered one of the top three most equal paid states alongside New York, where Latina and Black Women are paid $21-27 thousand less than men. These are enormous numbers of states that are considered the top three most equal paid, showing that in other states the pay gap is much higher.

Help celebrate the fight for equal pay and check out some of the best memes, tweets, and IG posts about #EqualPayDay.

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