8 Guesses On What Cardi B Will Name Her Baby






Cardi B has been the definition of thriving. The breakout star’s new album proves that “Bodak Yellow” wasn’t just a one-time hit while her blunt personality has TV hosts shook. Her personal life has been peachy, too, as she’s both engaged and pregnant. Her pregnancy clearly hasn’t affected her work ethic as she’s still performing and is set to take the stage at Coachella this month. Recently, her sister Hennessy may have accidentally revealed that Cardi’s having a girl, and that makes our job easier when it comes to guessing what she’ll name the child.

Celebs haven’t been holding back when it comes to naming their children and more and more are straying from the traditional route. Taking inspo from Cardi and Offset’s backgrounds and favorite things, these are our guesses for her summer baby.

1. Bodak


Naming her baby Bodak could be a tribute to the single that shot Cardi to fame. She previously said that the single was her baby, but it’s going to have to make room for the actual baby on the way.

2. Boutin


Cardi famously references Louboutin heels in “Bodak Yellow” and with her affinity for the letter B, the shortened version of the luxury shoe brand could very well be the name she chooses.

3. Bronx


Cardi was born and raised in the Bronx in New York City so she may just take a cue from the Kardashians and name her child after the neighborhood that hits close to home.

4. Georgia


Offset hails from Georgia and with rumors that the couple will get hitched in Atlanta, it would make a perfect baby name.

5. Kendrell


Kendrell is Offset’s middle name and is definitely lesser known due to the use of his stage name.

6. Nova


It’s no secret that Cardi’s a fan of Fashion Nova, a fast fashion clothing brand. Cardi frequently shouts them out on Instagram and just revealed that they’re working together on an affordable clothing line.

7. Sace


Cardi dons a mix of affordable and high-end brands, and she’s definitely a fan of Italian luxury brand Versace and frequently wears their bold prints. Meanwhile, Offset paid tribute to the brand with Migos’ hit single “Versace.”

8. Veuve Cliquot


In an interview, Cardi has said that her name is a shortened version of Bacardi while her sister is named Hennessy. She may take a note from her parents and name her baby after the French champagne brand.

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