Station 19 Stream: How To Watch Season 1, Episode 5 Online

If you haven’t heard, Grey’s Anatomy has a spin-off show, and it is lit. You might be thinking, but there is Chicago Fire, you’re right but both shows are lit, and you can watch both shows. Alright, done talking, let’s get to recapping episode 4.

It started with Andi & Jack, arguing about some boots that will cost the Firehouse a lot of money. To be fair, they need the new boots. However, not that expensive kind of boots and we see them as mom and dad fighting, instead of chiefs. Which, they both need to be on the same page about to help things run smoothly, but you can feel the sexual tension between these two.  Andi finally shouted, “Stop arguing with me!” Which, Jack gives her a smile as he agrees and stops the argument by kissing her. In which leads them to hook up in the Captain bunk.

Later on, Victoria and Mack find it weird that she is all of a sudden in a good mood and tossing apples around. However, that was cut short when it was, you know it. FIRE TIME! (Lit time didn’t sound right). They arrive at a brand new bed-and-breakfast, that run by two sisters who seemed are at each other’s throats, but that’s not the case. Siblings fight, all the time, its normal. Oh, the fire that they had to put out was a teeny tiny fire that was consuming an oven mitt on the stove.  No surprise, once Andi & Jack are back at the firehouse, they have, yes you guessed it, sex.

After having a conversation with JJ, Miller’s in the early stage of “do what needs to be done,” and he doesn’t know how long one should wait after someone’s significant other passes. After he goes to almost everyone, he ends up going to Captain Herrera, which he skips out on giving out advice on how to use your firefighter status as a pickup line.

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Station 19 Season 1, Episode 5 Viewing Details

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: ABC
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: “Shock to the System”
Starring: Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon and more.

How To Watch Station 19 Season 1, Episode 5 Online

To watch the newest episode of Station 19, just go to the ABC website. Once you are on the website, sign in with your cable provider information. By signing in, this will give you access to all the popular shows currently playing on ABC. The cable providers include FiosDirecTVXfinity, and Time Warner.

How To Watch Station 19 Season 1, Episode 5 On Mobile

You can watch Station 19 on any smartphone device by downloading the ABC app from the app store. Including the Apple Store and Google Play. When the app is fully downloaded onto your home screen, click it and sign in with your cable provider information. The ABC app also offers live streaming the episode as it airs on television, but only for certain markets.

Station 19 Season 1, Episode 5 Promo

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