Here’s How You Can Stream Coachella From Your Couch

Coachella is the crown jewel of music festivals and with Beyonce as one of this year’s headliners, this music festival definitely won this season.

But even though Coachella’s lineup is stacked, not everyone can be lucky enough to party in the desert. For starters, tickets sell out super fast! You have to be on your A game to snag one. Then on top of that, the ticket prices are steep and you have to pay for camping or a hotel and travel. The money adds up, so it’s not the best festival if you’re on a budget and don’t live in the Coachella Valley already. Also, the festival is in the desert so it will be unbearably hot and sweaty the entire time.

Staying home sounds so good at this point, it’s free and you won’t be sweaty worrying about getting heat stroke. But if you seriously don’t want to miss your faves perform at Coachella do not worry because there is a live steam of the festival for the entire weekend.

Yeah, you won’t be able to post any pictures of you in front of the festivals’ iconic ferris wheel, but you will be about to watch Cardi B, Beyonce, SZA and the Weeknd kill it from the comfort of your couch.

Find out how you can stream Coachella below.

Coachella 2018 Live Stream

When: April 13 – 15
Where: Coachella Valley
Headliners: The Weeknd, Beyonce, Eminem and more.

How To Watch Coachella Online

Coachella hooked it up for its fans this year. You can stream 92 of the artists that are performing this year and yes, Beyonce is one of them. Coachella has a live stream set up on their YouTube channel. There you can watch the feed, or if you’re super dedicated make a schedule of the artists you want to see and you will be alerted when their performance begins. It’s super simple! Underneath the “Coachella 2018” tab, click “Schedule” and boom you can make your schedule and set alerts so you won’t miss anything. You can also see every artist that is going to be streamed under the “Artists” tab.

Coachella has three streams set up this year and one VR stream. You can access these streams on Coachella’s YouTube channel or view them below.

Coachella Live Stream 1

Coachella Live Stream 2

Coachella Live Stream 3

Coachella Schedule

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Coachella Lineup

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