Kendall Jenner’s New Radio Show, Pizza Boys Is Being Accused Of Ripping Off A Popular Art Collective


Kendall Jenner promoted a mysterious pizza Instagram account a few weeks ago. All we knew about the account is that it was called Pizza Boys and there was a photo of her and Kylie Jenner in a pool holding pizzas. What did it all mean? I couldn’t truly tell you.

But now the elusive, intriguing mystery of Pizza Boys is over. Turns out Pizza Boys is a new Beats 1 Radio station. The hosts of the show are Kendall and her friend Daniel.


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Even though the Pizza Boys first radio show just dropped they’re already in a mist of controversy for stealing the idea. How unlikely for a Kar-Jen to be accused of copying someone’s idea. Just kidding! You think after, I don’t know, the first 10 times they were accused of ripping off ideas they would research thoroughly before dropping new projects.

There’s already an art collective called Pizza Boyzzz with a huge following of over 46,100 on Instagram. Kendall and Daniel have been accused of ripping off Pizza Boyzzz. Having the exact name is pretty bad, yes pizza is a common food but to be called Pizza Boys is too spot on. They could have called their station Pizza Gang, Pizza Girls, Pizza Gender Non-Conforming Group.

The love and support has been overwhelmingly insane and absolutley non stop. When i scroll thru the comments on that new page all i can see is paragraphs and pages of support and comments from all you guys. We are beyond-beyond grateful and thankful for a fam like you! This is one of the many incredible posts from you guys ♡ Regram from @jimmytheghost – Anyone who follows me knows I’m a fan of the Kardashians, but I really wish they would quit making me look like an idiot. I’ve been following @pizzaboyzzz almost as long as I’ve been following the K’s and Kendal’s new PizzaBoys company (I’m not gonna link it) is 100% clearly a blatant ripoff. The PizzaBoyzzz are an incredible collective of artists and, as silly as it sounds, a movement, so ripping them off is especially bad news. But as we all know, this isn’t Kenny’s first snafu. She and Kylie thought they could sell shirts with Tupac and Biggies face on them and not long after, she agreed to be in THAT Pepsi commercial. Three strikes is a bummer, @kendalljenner 😕 Get some creatives on your team who can CREATE things for you instead of stealing stuff you find online. You have plenty of folks in your corner who can help you set up a killer team. Pull it together girl! – #regram

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I will be honest, I wrote about the mystique of Pizza Boys after Kendall posted to her Instagram story. A devoted Pizza Boyzzz fan slid into my DMs to educate me that Kendall’s Pizza Boys wasn’t an original idea. In my humble opinion, I agree with the fan and it looks like Kendall is ripping off the art collective. But also the fan was rude to me and implied that I didn’t mention Pizza Boyzzz in my original post on purpose, when in fact, I was just simply unaware. So thank you, but also please be nicer. I am an innocent bystander in this Pizza Boys/Boyzzz war.

Based on the Pizza Boys’ Apple Music page it sounds like the station is a way for their friend group to have a joint artistic outlet. “Pizza Boys is a living room pizza party hosted by Kendall, Daniel, and all your favorite pals. Served monthly, hot and ready, this is a show about music and friendship with special guest appearances you won’t want to miss.”

The definition of “art collective” according to the Tate Art Museum is “a group of artists working together to achieve a common objective.” So a group of artists working together to spread their common aesthetic, opinions or beliefs. Based on the Pizza Boys definition I think the radio show would fit into the definition of an art collective. It’s Kendall and Daniel bringing their friends on to their show to push their art, opinions, aesthetics and beliefs.

So with that information, the name and concept of Pizza Boys and Pizza Boyzzz overlap A LOT. It’s almost a circle at this point. The aesthetics are wildly different, but at this point does aesthetics matter when name and concept are so similar? Pizza Boyzzz fans flooded Pizza Boys comments calling them out for stealing, but Pizza Boys has been deleting their comments.

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