10 Lyrics From Tinashe’s Album ‘Joyride’ That Are Perfect For Your Next Instagram Caption

Tinashe’s long-awaited second album Joyride is finally here. It’s been a long winding road for Tinashe to get here and release a new album. Joyride was announced in 2015, but delayed until today, roughly three years later.

Her first album Aquarius came out in 2014, the lead singles “All Hands on Deck” and “2 On” climbed the charts. Joyride was supposed to come out soon afterward but came to a skidding halt.

The wait is over. JOYRIDE 4•13 pic.twitter.com/js2huaHp9k

— TINASHE (@Tinashe) March 16, 2018

There was a lot of trouble with her label. Tinashe accused her label RCA of focusing on other artists like Zayn Malik. So to get the ball rolling for Joyride she leaked the album’s lead single “Party Favors” with Young Thug in September 2015. A month later she released “Player” featuring Chris Brown. Still nothing.

Then in January 2016 a Joyride tour was announced but ultimately canceled because there was no album still. Tinashe kept releasing singles from the album, “Superlove” and “Company,” and a song with Britney Spears called “Slumber Party.”

“Joyride” was still delayed, so Tinashe dropped a free mixtape in 2016 called “Nightride” as an introductory album to “Joyride.” One of the reasons for the long delay is that Tinashe had to buy a song BACK from Rihanna. Tinashe told Vulture that Rihanna originally purchased the album title track off of Tinashe, unknowing to her. The song was supposed to be on “Anti” but ultimately was cut.

“We bought it back. It’s kind of crazy and I’m not even 100 percent sure what happened. We created the track, I wanted it for my project, then all of a sudden I found out — I was told — that she had purchased the whole concept and beat for her project. Eventually when that didn’t come out on her project, I was like, “yup … still want it!” I named my album after it. A couple other songs that I toured when I did my brief version of the Joyride tour will be on it. Most of the rest of the album was created relatively recently.”

Finally, in the summer of 2017, she began working on “Joyride” 2.0 basically, because she released so many singles from the first one. After three years, many setbacks and countless of singles, Tinashe’s second album “Joyride” has arrived.

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