Sorry, But Beyoncé Did Not Change Her Nail Polish During Her Coachella Performance

Right now a tweet is going viral for pointing out that Beyoncé changed her nail polish in the middle of her Coachella performance. It appears that she started out with black nails and ended with silver nails.

People are in awe because having a costume change is one thing but nails too? It’s unheard of.

So am I the only one who noticed when @Beyonce went to change outfits she changed her damn nail polish? We don’t deserve her! @coachella #coachella #beychella

— Jerome Trammel (@MrJeromeTrammel) April 15, 2018

Ellie Bate and Ben Henry from Buzzfeed did the research and found out that Bey didn’t actually change her nail color mid-performance.

They found out that the photos of Beyoncé “performing” with silver nails were taken during a dress rehearsal. You can tell it’s a dress rehearsal because there are no audience members.

Some of the photos that Beyoncé posted on her Instagram were uploaded before her performance began or before those moments even happened in the live performance. Clearly, the pictures had to be taken beforehand at a dress rehearsal.

More evidence that the photos were from a rehearsal is that the photos she uploaded don’t match the live performance photos. You can see in the photo that she posted on Instagram she has silver nails.

In this photo, taken from the live Coachella performance, you can clearly see Bey has black nails.

The reviews are in: The critics are RAVING over Beyoncé's #Coachella set!

Guardian: "Beyoncé is in a league of her own. She is the greatest of a generation"
Billboard: "An artist whose creative prowess will continue to be nearly impossible to match"#Beychella

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) April 15, 2018

Another example is when Jay-Z joined her on stage. In the Instagram post of the moment, Beyoncé has silver nails.

But in the clip of the Coachella performance, you can see that Beyoncé had black nails.

I know Beyoncé is Beyoncé but you can’t be wearing two different nail polish colors at the same time. Seems like she stuck with the black nail polish for the entire Coachella performance.

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