CoverGirl Is Teaming Up With Girls Who Code

It’s 2018 and it’s time we realize that girls are capable of doing anything and everything. Even though knowing that the truth is that females are a minority in most science and technology fields. It’s not that girls can’t get the job done, it’s just gender discrimination and boys are more likely to be encouraged to go into these fields.

CoverGirl is looking to change these misconceptions by teaming up with Girls Who Code.

Girls Who Code is an organization with the mission to “close the gender gap in technology.” According to their site, the organization is set to end the gender disparity in tech fields by 2027.

Computer science is one of the fasted growing careers in the country, but so few women are part of the field. Girls Who Code offer different programs for girls in middle school and high school to learn how to code and encourage them to further their learning in college. Right now only one in every five computer science graduate is a woman, according to Girls Who Code.

As of right now, only 24% of computer scientists are women and the number keeps decreasing every year. But thanks to Girls Who Code they have had 90,000 girls enroll and a majority of them have moved on to careers in the computer science world.

With the help of CoverGirl, they will be reaching a wider audience of girls who didn’t realize that they too could code. The Girls Who Code and CoverGirl campaign is for their Clean Matter collection, that is cute, affordable and won’t cause breakouts.

Today, girls are challenging gender norms, breaking boundaries, building businesses and changing not only the communities they live in but the whole world,” Ukonwa Ojo, Senior Vice President of CoverGirl, told Teen Vogue. “Girls Who Code is providing the proper tools and empowering young women of all backgrounds to break boundaries in fields like data & technology where women are underrepresented. With this partnership, we had the very unique opportunity to tell a beauty story that celebrated diversity in age, vocation, and ethnicity

Representation matters and seeing girls code, while also having flawless foundation, is important to help close the gender gap.

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